Chapter 5

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Recap- "You can't tell me what to do with MY daughter!"

"Oh really you're gonna talk that way to me right now?! I don't think so. I will not let my grandbaby live in fear. Also you don't know her language! So right now I'm going to go spend some time with My Grandchild and you two are gonna wait until she's calmed down enough to be in the room with ONE of you. understood? good."

A/N- I don't know how much longer until I get to Bay's POV for now. I'm kind of just writing this as I go. 

Maria's POV:

I turn and walk out to my Granddaughter who's curled up crying on the couch rocking herself back and forth.

I tap her on the knee as I sit a foot or two away from her, and say.

Hey Bay I'm back. Do you want some water or something to eat?

She shakes her head again. 

Ok how about we play 20 questions?

What's that?

it's where I ask you a question and than you can ask me one. How does that sound?

She nods

Ok I'll go first...What's your favorite color?


Nice now you can ask me a question. Anything at all.

Who was the other scary man?

That was Nick he's your uncle. Both of them aren't scary when you get to know them. Especially Nick, he rarely takes anything seriously. 


Have you ever had any pets?

I had a fish once, but Ben didn't like animals...Enzo not like animals?

He's scared of  spiders and snakes, but other than that he hasn't said anything about not liking them. I laugh at the first part. Did your Mom have any other family?

She looks scared for a moment than quickly shakes her head.

If you ever want something to stay between you and I it can. I don't have to tell Enzo anything. 


Ok. Your turn. I could tell she really didn't wanna talk about it

are they mad at me?

Is who?

Enzo and Nick?

Oh no hun they aren't mad at you.

Right then Enzo busted through the door.

"I can't do it Mom! I lost 15 years! You can't make me lose another day!"

Bay clutched onto me. Trembling and whimpering. 

"Get out if you don't want to lose her for the rest of your life. You can't be around her right now. She was just calming down enough to ask me questions. Now get out before I throw you off this plane."

"Why can't she ask ME questions!?!"

"I don't know maybe cause you told her you would kill her!"

"I didn't mean that!"

I look down and see she's crying now.

"Get out!"



He storms out and slams the door to the other room.

He's gone now honey..

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