Chapter 25

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Damon's POV: 

It was my turn to be in Bay's room tonight.

She actually fell asleep pretty fast.

Although after an hour or so she started to cry in her sleep. 

Then it turned into sobs. It happened so quick I didn't know what to do.

"Ezra!!" I yelled, he's the best at calming Bay down. 

I started to shake her trying to wake up, but it wasn't working.

Ezra ran into the room and immediately went into action. 

It looked like she was trying to get something off of her. 

It looked like she was reliving a memory. 

She woke up and when she saw Ezra so close to her she moved as far away from him as possible.

I could tell that hurt him. 

Bay I'm right here I won't hurt you He said to her.

She's still rubbing something off of her. 

She looked like she was getting more panicked. 

Ezra tried to grab her hands, but she flinched away from him. 

Get out.



We got up and went to ask Xander and Enzo what to do. 

They said to just sit outside her room. 

In the morning things didn't just go back to normal. 

She didn't leave her room, and when Enzo went in to try, he was just met with sobs and her being panicked about anyone being around her. 

She had the dog on her bed right next to her. 

It was 4 in the afternoon and she still hadn't left her bed. 

She's just staring out the window, as soon as another person goes into her room she panics. 

Enzo called Maria, and she's on her way, but she won't get here until tomorrow afternoon. 

I don't know what that dream was about but it was bad. 

Ezra is really worried about her. 

We've tried leaving food and water by her, but she won't touch it. 

We had such a great day yesterday..

Enzo's POV: 

"Mom what do I do?" I said almost crying to my Mother on the phone. 

"There's things that happened to her that we may never know, you just need to show up and be there for her."

"She freaks out anytime someone comes near her. I thought she was getting better Mom." 

"Progress isn't linear."

"What does that even mean?!" 

"It means that what you see is a setback is progress. Progress doesn't always mean always being happy. It's learning how to live with the downs." 

"I don't want her to hurt anymore..." 

"I know I'm sorry Enzo. I'll be in town in about 12 hours, just try to have her eat something." 

"Ok, I gotta go Mom."

Drew came rushing to me. 

"She's having another panic attack." 


I rushed to her room and saw her trying to back away and everyone was crowding her. 

The dog was growling at everyone. 

Dad...make it stop...

That broke my heart. 

That was the first time she called me Dad. 

"Everyone out." I told everyone. 

Kiddo, I'm right here. 

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