Chapter 45

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Enzo's POV: 

Xander texted me saying Bay asked for me. 

I immediately stopped what I was doing and made my way to the art room. 

Bay what's wrong? I asked.  

I'm scared...He scares me. 

The thing about sign language is that when talking about someone in the room you just point to them. So right away Max knew it was about him. 

I promise Bay he won't hurt you ever. Just give him a chance ok? 

He already did. 

She got up and walked right past me. 

"After she met him, she immediately started sobbing in the kitchen out of fear." Ezra said walking out to follow Bay. 

"I'm sorry I didn't know what it was." 

"Some sketchy dude hiring you to deliver something didn't raise any red flags for you? She's been handling her self so well with this. If it were me I would have blown up by now." 

"But it's not you. It's her and her fathers issue to deal with. You're her body guard, it's not our place to have an opinion." Xander said. 

"You really think that's all we are to her? Do you really think she still thinks that?!" 

"I was just trying to get money for my sister..." 

Ezra was about to say something else, but he just walked out.

Bay's POV: 

I'm gonna get in so much trouble for saying that and then just leaving. 

I feel like I'm going backwards. 

I stopped feeling this scared of him months ago, but I'm so scared right now. 

I can't get the images of getting hit out of my head. 

I shouldn't have said that. 

I should have just listened. 

If I listen I won't get hurt. 

I need to go say sorry. 

Maybe if I say I'm sorry he won't punish me. 

I've said things like that to Theo and the others, but never him. 

I have to go find him. 

He was still in the art room with his head in his hands. 

He's probably really mad at me. 

 Ezra and Damon aren't here anymore. 

I really wish they were. 

They might have helped me. 

Enzo's POV: 

I looked up and saw Bay standing by the door. 

She had tears running down her face and she was slightly shaking. 

Bay I'm sorry, I didn't mea-

I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said. Are you going to punish me? I'm sorry.


Bay I will never hurt you. Ever. 

I got up and took a few steps towards her, but she stepped back. 

My heart shattered. 

She looked so scared. 

You're not in trouble Bay. It's ok. 

I'm sorry.

It's ok. You don't have to apologize. You did nothing wrong.

Can I go?..Please. 

Yeah, that's ok. 

Maria's POV:

I got a call from Bay crying. 

Hey hey what's wrong Hun?

I feel so weak. I'm so scared of them. I don't even want to be around Ezra or Damon right now. 

Hun let's clear something up. You are not weak. You are the strongest woman I know. You've learned how to hold your own, but the history's thick. That's ok, it's ok to have reactions and feelings. It's ok to be scared and to take up space.

I can't take it. 

Enzo's POV:  

About an hour later I got a call from my Mom. 

"I'm coming to stay with you for awhile." 

"You talked to Bay?" 

"Yes I talked to her and clearly having a house full of people, of men, she is scared of now is not very helpful for her mental health. You know you're stupid right?"  

"I don't know what to do Mom." 

"Why. Is. He. There?" 

"He didn't know what was in the box." 

"That wasn't my question." 

"He's 19 and down on his luck. He's taking care of his little sister." 

"I will talk to Bay more about this, but do what is best for her. He can have a job without being involved in her life." 

"He's a sweet kid Mom." 

"She said she feels weak." 

The rest of the day Bay was silent, but she let Max come on people's shifts with them. 

She wouldn't eat though. 

I didn't want to push too hard, but she hasn't eaten all day. 

Theo's POV: 

It's almost time for Max to leave for the day. 

The dog hasn't left Bay's side way more than usual today. 

He's been growling at Max all day. 

He wouldn't even take any treats from him. 

We all still carry treats in our pockets for when Bay has bad days and Pebbles won't let us near her. 

I have no idea why he's named Pebbles, maybe like Boulder, but he is not a Pebble. 

Hey Bay how's it going? Drew came in and said. 

It's my shift with Bay and Max. Not a good combination. 

She still doesn't really like being alone with me. 

She didn't respond. 

Wanna learn the pearl stitch with knitting?

No response. 

I don't know how to help her. 

I just want to help. 

We moved to the art room, but she wouldn't do any art. 

I want to know what's going through her head... 

A/N-How do you all think she should connect with Max. Things are obviously not going good so far. Let me know what you think! 

-Luna :) 

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