Chapter 20

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Drew's POV: 

It's been a week since the first time we saw Bay's first panic attack. 

3 more have happened since then.

Bay definitely likes hanging out with Damon and Ezra the most. 

Her and I get along pretty well too.

Ezra's more parental towards her than the rest of us. 

Enzo's been working a lot and not super around, so it's just kind of been us. 

Marco just left and Nick spends more time at his place now.

Damon's POV: 

Bay hasn't wanted to leave the property even before we got here from what I heard. 

She's left like 1 or 2 times.

I don't know how this kid doesn't go stir crazy. 

I think Bay and Ezra would be cute together.

Xander would be furious. 

I can see that Ezra for sure has feelings for Bay, and I see Bay blush sometimes at some of the stuff he does. 

It's nice seeing her as a normal teenager and not just some traumatized kid. 

Xander's been teaching her how to play chess and she's starting to come out of her shell. 

Drew has been bonding over reading. 

I think we're all getting pretty attached. 

A/N- Sorry for another short chapter I have a few chapters written out, so the next one is a little bit bigger, but I think I'll post it later tonight! Thank you guys!

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