Chapter 3

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Recap-"Hun he didn't know you existed. He will not kill you."


"Yes I promise."

she thinks I was going to kill her...What did her mother tell her about me?

Enzo's POV:

The nurses phone dinged and she quietly excused herself from the room.

We sat in an awkward silence both not speaking each other's language.

a few min later the social worker pulled me out to the hall.

"Apparently her step-father escaped from a nearby hospital. I think he's coming here. We're going to do everything we can to arrest him again, but I'm not stupid Mr. Russo. I know the rumors about you, and I can't know if they're true or not, but take care of her. Learn sign language and get out of the state as fast as you can."

"Wait, Wait, Wait! He's coming here and how are we going to talk to each other? I thought that she wasn't stable enough to leave yet. I just met her!"

"I know, but right now this is in her best interests her Step-father was a dangerous man."

"Who is he and who is Bay's Mother?"

"The Stepfather was Benjamin Davis and the Mother her mother was Alice Miller."

Benjamin Davis! He was around MY daughter!?!? He was the leader of a top ish Gang in The US. Nowhere near where my Mafia stood in power.

"Ok I have to make some calls and update my Brother. Will you talk to her about leaving? she seems less scared of you."

I walk over to my Brother and he stands up.

"How is she? Does she look like you?"

"ah I don't know right now, but we have to leave. Benjamin Davis was her Step-douche and he's after Bay. He escaped so we're taking Bay with us now instead of tomorrow. For now keep on the lookout and try to learn at least how to introduce yourself to her in Sign Language."

I didn't wait for a reply and walked away. I called the Jet crew to get the plane ready and than I called my house to up security, and to make up a guest room. I had to call back because I wanted her in the room right next to mine.

I walked back over to my Brother.

"You're staying at my place tonight." I told him point blank.

"Dude I'm staying way longer than just tonight. I got 15 years of spoiling to catch up on. Also I know you wanted to hold off on telling Mom, but I really think she could help this time. Dad too."

"How could they help right now except correct everything they think I'm doing wrong?"

"Mom and Dad know Sign language dude. Both you and I don't. Duh."

"Fuck your right."

"I always am."

"ha ok, but could you call them I have to handle security and...other things..?"

"Dude you really want me telling Mom. OUR Mom that you had a child when you were 17 and didn't know about it?"


"Your funeral."

Nicks POV: 

I can't believe Enzo had a baby! I mean I can because of how much he sleeps around, but it's still shocking. 

I dial my Mom's number and every ring is making me more nervous she's going to freak out on him. 

"Hi Hun why are you calling so late is everything ok?"

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