Chapter 4

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 Recap-"Please?" I know all of like three things in ASL and that is one of them.

She shakes her head again and is looking very panicked.

"Nick!" I shout and he opens the door and grabs her.

My heart aches having to do this to her.

Enzo's POV: 

She's thrashing around in Nicks arms as we quickly walk onto the plane. 

Oh god I spot my Mom she looks like she's going to go off on us.

"NICK PUT THAT GIRL DOWN RIGHT NOW!!" He quickly puts her down on the couch and she curls up into a ball. Making herself as small as possible.

"She wouldn't get out of the car Mom. We left the hospital with gunshots behind us."

"You knew I was here. I could have talked to her, but you idiots don't have any brains!"

She walks over to Bay and sits on the ground and lightly pokes her knee. Bay flinches and looks up with tears staining her face. 

I'm sorry

She said sorry? She has nothing to be sorry for...I do.

"You have nothing to be sorry for." My Mom replies.

"I want the two of you in the other room and I want you to stay there."

"Mom I just met her I don't want to leave her."

"Yeah well you should have thought of that before you traumatized her."

I know she's right. I feel like shit...

A/N- Remember anything Italicized is in Sign language. If it also has quotes around it they say it out loud as well. 

Maria's POV (Maria is Enzo and Nick's Mom): 

They're gone now. Are you ok?

Bay just nods.

My name is Maria. I'm those idiots Mom. I smiled 

what's your name?


What a beautiful name. Did anyone explain anything to you?

They said the scarier one is my Father, but I don't know anything else...They said they're going to hurt me and kill me..

Those fucking idiots. She seems so fragile. They don't know ASL so why'd they try something that could backfire so much?...

They are not going to hurt or kill you I promise. I'm gonna go talk to them, but I'll be right back is that ok with you?

She nodded.

I walked to the other room of the jet where they boys were. and closed the door behind me.

"You two are real idiots you know that?!?"

"I was doing my best! what would you have had me do?!?!"

"I don't know video chat me to talk to her, maybe not just let her freak out totally on her own! Also I want you to show me exactly what you tried to sign to her."

They showed me and sure enough they said the opposite of what they meant.

"That means the opposite dumb dumbs."

"Fuck! She already thought I was there to hurt her and I literally told her I was going to?!?!"

"This shit's going to be hard. She's traumatized and you two made things worse. You both are not allowed to be alone with her for the foreseeable future!"

"You can't tell me what to do with MY daughter!"

"Oh really you're gonna talk that way to me right now?! I don't think so. I will not let my grandbaby live in fear. Also you don't know her language! So right now I'm going to go spend some time with My Grandchild and you two are gonna wait until she's calmed down enough to be in the room with ONE of you. understood? good."

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