Chapter 6

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Recap-When I turned back I saw her sign that she was sorry to my Mom.

What happened to my little girl?

Maria's POV: 

Once Enzo left I turned to Bay and tapped her on the knee.

Ready to get into the car to go to your new home?

She gently nodded.

OK just as a warning, Nick and Enzo will be in the car. They'll sit up front, you and I can sit in the back ok?

She hesitated, but nodded again.

We walked out of the plane to the car and I got in and scooted to the opposite side. She stood there for a moment before slowly getting in.

The drive home was silent. Bay clutched to her seatbelt the whole time. 

When we pulled up to Enzo's house, we all got out.

"Bay let's go to the kitchen and find you something to eat and than we can have a look around the house and go exploring. How does that sound?"


We go inside and there sat in the living room is my husband Marco. He looks up from his book and see's Bay. He's a bit taller than Enzo, but doesn't look as scary. He smiles at Bay, but that's about it for now. The boys go over to him.

There are definitely more security guards than usual. My boys gone all dad mode already.

 Bay and I make it to the kitchen.

"What do you want to eat Bay?"

She just shrugs.

"I could make some grilled cheese, or some mac and cheese, or anything you want."

She looks at me really confused. 

"Do you know what those are?"

she shakes her head.

"OK how about I make some special toast?"

She nods her head this time.

once the toaster pops I take out some strawberry jam and spread on the toast.

I put two pieces on her plate and two on mine. 

Enzo's POV:

Once Mom and Bay go to the kitchen Nick and I sit down to fill my Dad in a bit.

"So is someone gonna fill me in on what's going on or what?"

"How much did Mom tell you?"

"Just that I have a Granddaughter, and you're getting custody cause her living situation wasn't the best."

"Well that's the understatement of the year. Her Mom and Stepfather abused her. Her name is Bay, she's 15, also she's deaf and doesn't speak."

"So are her former guardians dead yet?"

"Her Mom died last week, working on the stepdad who is Benjamin Davis."

"You've got to be shitting me."


"We weren't even supposed to leave the hospital until tomorrow, but Ben came to finish things, and we left with gunshots behind us." Nick added.

"Yeah Bay was not happy with that. I pretty much grabbed her after meeting her for 5 minutes."

"You also told her you were going to kill her." My brother felt the need to bring that up again.

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