Chapter 12

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Enzo's POV: 

"Thank you for coming." 

"Yes of course, although by the looks of it I don't know why you'd need my crew's services with all your security." Xander said. 

"I need someone for my daughter. She's deaf and mute, some people are after her and I need to have her safety guaranteed. The closest option for that feeling is your team." 

"What would you need from my team?" He asked.

"I'd need everyone to be fluent in sign language, I'd need someone with her at all times. If she leaves the house at least two of you, and if she leaves the property all of you must be there. She's been abused so touch is usually a no go, She has nightmares quite often, and I have a few things out of town I will be needing to take care of so your team would have to help her through that and the panic attacks." 

"I think I'll need that in writing." He said. 

I suppose that was a mouthful.

"Of course. would you be able to take this job?" 

"Yes, however our youngest member is still learning his required languages. He doesn't quite have Sign Language down, but he can still communicate."

"How old is he?" 


"Wow, ok. That should be fine as long as he's working on it." 

I feel bad having someone who is so young be in charge of my daughters safety, but they come highly recommended.  

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