Chapter 44

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Max's POV: 

I've been going to Mr. Romano's house for almost two weeks now. 

I can take punches way more than before. 

I still can't really land any, but they're super strong. 

I'm supposed to meet Bay tomorrow, but I'm really nervous. 

Mr. Romano hasn't told her about the pigs head yet. 

Enzo's POV: 

Ok I have to tell Bay today. 

She can't just not know. 

Mom has made it pretty clear that keeping secrets from Bay will only make it so when she finds out she won't trust anyone. 

I can't move backwards with her. 

Things are finally getting good between us. 

Bay, do you have a minute to talk?


 We're having another person join the team. His name is Max, but he made a big mistake.

What did he do? 

He was the one who delivered the box with the blood, but he didn't know what was in there.

I don't want to talk about that. Why is he coming here? 

He's a good kid. I wouldn't let him near you if I thought he'd hurt you in any kind of way. 

Ezra's POV:

Bay has been anxious all day. 

Bay, Damon, Theo, and I are just hanging out in the living room 

Have you met Max?  She asked out of nowhere

A few times. 

What's he like? 

He's ok, but I don't like what he did. 

He's kinda goofy, he says he likes to bake. Damon said. 

He's way more easygoing about this.

What if he does it again. 

I don't think he will. 

What if he's mean. What if he hits me. What if he hurts Pebbles. What if-

Bay it's gonna be ok. You won't be alone with him for awhile and none of us would let that happen. 

He's right nothing will happen to you because of him. Damon said. 

I'm scared. 

We've got your back. Theo piped in. 

They've been doing better. 

There was the knock at the door. 

She looked so panicked. 

This was a mistake. 

He shouldn't be here. 

Hey it'll be ok. 

She just nodded. 

"Was no one gonna get the door?" Xander said walking up and letting him in.

"You really think she'd answer the door again after what he did?" I said. 

He walked in and Enzo came down the stairs. 

Bay come and meet Max. Enzo said.

She got up and carefully walked the entryway. 

He stared at the scar on her face and neck for a little too long.

Hi my name is Max. It's nice to meet you.

He stuck his hand out for a handshake and she flinched. 

She hasn't flinched in almost a month. 

Her nightmares even got better for awhile, but after the pig incident things got worse for awhile. 

Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. 

I can't read your signing. She said and walked away. 

I can't believe she said that again. 

Damon, Theo, and I all chuckled again. 

"Man I thought I was getting better." 

"She just doesn't want to talk to you. She can understand you." Theo said. 

"Again you two stop spilling our girls secrets!" Damon said. 

We got up and followed her. 

She was in the kitchen on the ground. 


I went and sat by her. 

What's going though that head of yours? I asked. 

I'm scared. I don't want to be scared anymore. 

After Bay had calmed down we went upstairs to her art room. 

Again she got sucked into her art and Damon and I were arguing about what Disney movie is the best. 

It's obviously Lion King, but he thinks it's monsters inc. 

Bay which Disney Movie is the best?

Lillo and Stitch. 

Ok I change my answer. 

Me too. Lillo and Stitch. 

Xander and Drew walked in with Max. 

Max is gonna join you guys is that ok Bay? Drew asked. 

She did a little nod, but stopped painting. 

He came and sat next to Damon and across from Bay. 

What are you painting?  He had to finger spell most of that. 

I want my Dad. 

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