Chapter 9

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Enzo's POV: 

It's been two weeks since Bay came to live with me. 

We've made a few improvements to the house. 

We put a doorbell thing in her room so instead of knocking a light will flash in her room. 

I don't want her to think she has to wake up early, but I figured having an alarm clock would be good, so an alarm clock the shakes the bed a little. 

The fire alarm also has a flashing light. 

I put up maps around the house so she can find her way around until she gets used to the place. 

The guard that tried to take the dog was fired and had a few less fingers then when he started working here. 

All guards are learning ASL as well Nick and I. 

Most of what she eats is toast, but she's eating a bit more now thankfully. She can finish a whole piece of toast. 

I walk in the kitchen to see the dog by her feet and she's drawing in a sketchbook my Mom got her that I'm obsessed with. 

My Mom is sitting by her reading and glancing at what she's drawing every so often. 

"Hey Mom, I have some things I need to do today, can you stay here?"

"Of course, but at the end of the week I'm taking off. Your Father will be here a week after that though." 

"WHAT? You're leaving?" 

"Enough you'll be fine." 

"The end of the week is in two days!" 

"I'm aware of what day it is Enzo. Bond with her and it won't be so bad." 

"How do I do that." 

"Hmm I can't think of a single thing she likes to do. It's not like she's so engrossed with her art that she hasn't even looked up to see us having a conversation about her." 

"I can't do art. No one would take me seriously." 

"Figure it out. Oh and actually you watch her today bring her with you, get her ice cream and figure out how to be a father." 

I took Bay with me to do some work today. Nick came along as well.

Hey I was thinking about going to the art store do you want to come and pick out what you want?

I asked, even though I had to fingerspell a few things. 

She got a little excited and then tried to hide it, which makes me angry that she feels like she has to hide how she feels, but also sad she doesn't trust me enough to feel her emotions.

We just pulled up to the art store and anything she looked at for more than three seconds I grabbed and handed off to a guard so she wouldn't see. 

She seemed so worried about everythings price. 

When we got to the notebook section her eyes lit up. 

She asked for the cheapest notebook, but at least she asked. 

You can get whatever you want. I saw you looking at this one. Do you like it?

She hesitated and then looked me in the eyes, she looked down again and did this cute thing she does when she's thinking. 

She scrunches her eyebrows, and for someone who's seen hell shouldn't look so innocent, but here she is. 

She nods her head. 


She wants something and kind of asked for it. 

Awesome, let's look at some more pencils I noticed yours were getting low. 

This has turned out to be a great day with my daughter. 

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