Chapter 17

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Ezra's POV: 

That Damn girl got me into a lot of trouble today. 

Xander is really pissed. 

She's like 2 years younger then me she should be able to protect herself. 

Xander walked down the stairs and sent Drew upstairs. 

"I thought it was Ezra and I's shift." Damon said. 

"It was, but she requested that Ezra not be there and I figured having his best friend might not be the best of ideas." 

"She requested I not be there? *Scoff* baby..." 

"What did you just say?" Xander asked angrily. 

"Now that wasn't cool dude." Damon chimed in 

"I gave her an out and she took it. You scared her. She was worried that she got you in trouble and felt guilty. You will not put your guilt onto her. Am I understood." 

"Yes sir..." 

In the morning I go into the kitchen where Bay, Drew, and Maria were sitting. 

They were even laughing a little. 

Bay was drawing and drinking tea. She had a piece of toast with two bites taken out of it. 

does this girl ever actually eat? 

"Bay it's gonna be a shift change and it'll be Damon and Ezra is that ok?"

She looked at me and then nodded her head a little. 

Damon came in and we started our shift. 

She just sat at the kitchen table drawing for like 2 hours. 

Damon and I were trying to keep our eyes open. 

How can this kid focus so hard, for so long. 

I looked over at her paper and she's actually really good. 

"Hey wanna go for a walk around the gardens?"

Damon suggested I know for a fact it was because he was starting to fall asleep. 


She responded. 

We went outside and were just walking around in silence. 

She was standing with Damon and I on either side of her, and I could tell she was uncomfortable.

How did you get your hair pink? She asked 

I dyed it myself. There's this gel thing you put on your hair that makes it a different color.


She had a little smile on her face. 

I think she'd look good with pink hair. 

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