Chapter 21

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Enzo's POV: 

I've been so consumed in finding out when the attack is going to be and who's going to attack.

I haven't been there much for Bay, having her bodyguards here haas made it easier to distance myself so I can get this done. 

I feel bad though I haven't been around and I don't want to be that kind of dad.

I want to take her out of the house, but I'd have to take at least one or two of the bodyguards. 

She's been getting along really well with Damon and Ezra. I'm glad I got people close to her age. 

Although I wish they were women. Having boys stay at the house with her, is a bit hard for me to convince myself that it's a good idea. 

I'm walking to her art room to talk to her about going out. 

When I walk in I see that everyone is there. 

Usually even just the sight of my daughter makes me smile, but this makes me really happy to see. 

She's playing Chess with Xander, Drews reading, and Damon and Ezra are just hanging out talking. They're occasionally bringing an argument to Bay, so she can decide who's right. 

She's smiling a lot. 

I'll come back later.

Ezra's POV: 

Maria framed the photo of Bay and I, and put it up on the wall in Bay's room and in the living room.

Bay blushed when she saw it up. 

That made me kind of happy. 

I was too though, as Damon oh so nicely pointed out. 

Enzo came into the art room after everyone but me and Damon left.

He wanted to take us out of the house. 

Bay was apprehensive, but Damon and I were so fucking ready to get out.

Bay we've hardly left the house for so long, I'm sure the boys are ready too. Enzo said.

Please say you'll leave Bay.


Fuck yeah

Great what do you want to do?

Drew told me about smoothies, can we try those?


She's never had a smoothie before?

I wonder what else she hasn't experienced. 

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