Chapter 33

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Why do you hate Theo so much?

He doesn't remember me. 

Bay's POV: 

What do you mean he doesn't remember you? Damon asked me. 

From when we were kids.

You knew him? 

Yeah from before I went deaf. 

When did you go deaf? 

I think I was like 5? 

You think? 

I was young I don't know, my Mom never really told me. I just remember what sound is like, and Theo. 

What do you remember about him? 

He protected me. He was like a brother and then one day he was gone. A year later the abuse started. 

He knows you're familiar. 

How do you know? 

He told me. He said he was friends with someone named Bay. 

That's not enough. He should remember who I am and he doesn't. I said.

They don't know what they're talking about. 

He left. 

He didn't just move away with his parents. 

Everyone kept it from me that he was leaving because he was too sad to say goodbye. 

But what about me? 

I didn't get to say goodbye to my best and only friend! 

He left and my life went to shit. 

He doesn't just get to come back into my life and everything be fine again. 

Damon's POV

We were walking up the stairs and Theo was waiting outside her room. 

Hey Bay, I was wondering if we could talk quick. 

"Not right now, she knows who you are, and she's pissed." Ezra said standing behind Bay so she wouldn't see him talking. 

Not gonna lie that's pretty rude. 

She's in a really bad mood since the car ride. 

Can we dye my hair tomorrow? 

Yeah sure are you ok?

I'm fine.

Hey Bay it's Theo's shift. Drew said. 

I'm gonna take a bath and then sit in my bathroom until next shift then. 

She walked away we were left speechless. 

She's never said anything like that. 

I heard the lock click behind her. 

"What do you mean she knows who I am." 

"She knows you're the Theo she was childhood friends with before she went deaf." 


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