Chapter 31

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Ezra's POV: 

After Bay was alone with Theo she's been off. 

Her being out of tea really threw her off. 

I don't think she's ok. 

What do you want to do today Bay?

I don't know. 

Wanna go swimming?


Go out for a walk?



Why can't I ever be alone? I want alone time.

You have to take that up with your Dad. I'm just following orders. 


She got up and walked away. 

I hated doing it, but I followed her. 

I can't imagine not having a single second in the day where you're alone other than the bathroom. 

Even then she knows we're right outside of her door waiting. 

I knew she wouldn't talk to Enzo about it. I think he still scares her, just a tiny bit. 

Hey we're still friends though right? I said walking up to her again. 

I thought you were just following orders She said with fake confidence and the slight build up of tears in her eyes. 

Bay, that's not what I meant.

She started full on crying now. 

I tapped her shoulder when she covered her face with her hands. 

Woah Bay what did I do. 

I'm sorry I was so mean to you. Are you mad at me? 

For a second I forgot about everything with her. 

I forgot she was abused, felt broken, scared. 

She talked back and that's some progress. 

One you were not being mean. Like at all, you have valid points on all of it. Two it's been cool seeing you give me shit. I could never be mad at you.



Today started looking up from a few hours ago.

We're playing this new video game console Enzo got her.

She's actually getting really good. 

After a few more rounds she turned to Damon. 

Can you dye my hair?

You want to die your hair? It's already so pretty. 

I want pink hair like you. Please?

If it's cool with your Dad then yes. 

She got up and left, we of course followed and she knocked on Enzo's door. 

She looked at us to tell her if he said come in or not. 

You're good now. I told her. 

We walked in and she got right to the point. 

Drew and Xander were in there too. 

Can Damon dye my hair?

Why do you want to dye your hair Bay?

How cool would it be to have pink hair Dad?

I think her calling him Dad really pushed the answer into a yes. 

She hardly ever calls him Dad. I think only once. 

Ok sweetheart. He said with a big smile. 

Thank you! 

A/N- Sorry for the short ish chapters lately I've been trying. I hope you like this one though! 

-Luna :)

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