Chapter 27

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Maria's POV: 

Another two days and the last time she said anything was asking if they were mad at her. 

She's let Drew and Xander go with her during the day, but as soon as she sees Ezra or Damon she gets up and leaves. 

Bay has hardly slept. She wake up in a panic. 

The dog doesn't leave her side at all. 

I convinced her to leave her room for some fancy toast. 

She can eat a full piece of toast now. 

Ezra walked in and I could tell she was about to leave.

I put my hand in hers 

It's ok. 

She stayed, but stopped eating. 

She was really tense.

Bay can we talk? Ezra asked 

She just looked down and I could tell she was panicking. 

Bay it's ok, I'll stay right here. I told her. 


I just want to make sure you're ok, and if i did something to make you scared of me again?

I'm sorry

Bay there's nothing to be sorry about. Did I do something to make you scared? 


Then why do you not want to be around me anymore? 

I'm scared..

Scared of  what? 

She paused. 

That you're like them. I don't want you to be like them.

I will never hurt you. I'll protect you. I will do everything to make you feel safe, I promise. 

I'm still scared he's gonna get me...

I will never let that happen. No one here will let that happen. 


Now can I please have a hug cause I haven't had a hug from you in like a week. 

She nodded her head and he came over and hugged her. 

The dog approved of this. 

Bay are you good here? 

She nodded, and I left. 

"Where's Bay?" Enzo asked. 

"She's with Ezra." I said.


"Yes and she's fine. Leave them be."

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