Chapter 30

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Theo's POV: 

"Hey man, how's it going?" I asked walking up to Damon. 

"Nothing much just got off nightshift. What about you?" He said.

"Just about to start my first alone shift with Bay." 

"Ooh good luck with that. Bring the dog treats." 

"Yeah thanks man." 

Hey Bay, it's just gonna be you and me for a bit. 

I could tell Bay was anxious about that and her dog started to growl at me. 

She got up to leave and I followed her to her art room. 

She sat down and I sat across from her. 

She got up a few minutes later and moved further away from me. 

This is gonna be a long day. 

Bay are you hungry? I asked after about an hour and a half of just sitting in the same position. 

I know she saw what I said, but she didn't respond.

Another hour goes by. 

Do you wanna go for a walk? 

She looked up at me to see what I said, but didn't respond. 

2 hours go by and Ezra comes in. 

Is it your turn now? Bay said.

Oh so now she talks.

Yeah why what's up?

I wanna leave. Now. 

Ok did Theo not wanna go outside or something?

I just wanna go. Please. 

Ok Ok, let's go. 

He shot me a look before leaving with Bay.

"Hey man how'd the shift go?" Damon asked. 

"horrible. She wouldn't say a thing and she looked terrified every time I breathed." 

"Yeah that'll happen. She doesn't do well with new people." 

"And I don't think Ezra likes me." 

"He's just protective of Bay." 

"Aren't we all supposed to be?" 

"Bay's different from other jobs. She's more friend than work. Sometimes we hangout even when it's not our shift."

"What's she like when she's not scared?" I asked. 

"Well she's always scared, but when she's more comfortable she'll be more ok with touch, she's funny, and she'll tell you what she wants to do. She's really fun to be around." 

"She seems so familiar. I had a friend named Bay when I was little, but she was hearing." 

"Where are you from?" 


"Maybe Bay wasn't always deaf. She's from Minnesota."

Ezra's POV: 

Bay and I walked down to the kitchen for our morning routine where I try to gently get her to eat breakfast and she drinks tea and gives the toast to the dog. 

She opened the cabinet and saw that she was out of tea.

She was already having a bad morning and this I think pushed it over. 

She set the empty box down and walked away. 

"Hey Bay! Wann-" 

I was trying to tell Damon not to come over here, but that idiot can't take a hint.

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