Chapter 15

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Drew's POV: 

I followed Bay to where she was outside with the dog. 

I waved my hand to get her attention. 

"Hey I'm Drew, what's your dog's name?" 

Pebbles She fingerspelled and then showed me the sign name.

Can I sit? I asked.

She nodded her head and I sat next to her, but out of arm's reach.

"I'm sorry about Ezra. He's not the brightest. Wanna learn how to knit?" 

She had a small smile on her face. 

She was a quick learner. 

She has been knitting a scarf for like three hours and I'm pretty sure it's way longer than a scarf needs to be, but she seems content.

"Hey, Bay let's have some dinner." Romano came in and said to us.

We made our way downstairs and ate. 

She hardly ate anything. No one said a thing. 

She ate like 4 bites of food. 

She went up to her room.

"Shift switch. I'll take this next round and then, Damon you and Ezra will be up next." 

"Shift switch." Xander said walking in.


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