Chapter 46

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Max's POV: 

I just want her to like me. 

I made a mistake, but I was able to afford two months rent with that money. 

I needed to do it. 

"Hey Emma will you help me make an apology cake?" I asked my sister. 

She's better at baking than I am. 

She gets to spend more time at home so she just kind of bakes and reads all day. 

We made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

Nana's favorite. 

I don't know how to transport this in a non box. 

I don't want to bring another box to that house ever. 

I did enough damage. 

"Oh and Emma don't forget I'm sleeping at work tonight, so if you need anything, you know who in the apartment  building to go to right?" 

"Yep Ms. M across the hall." 

"Thank you. I love you goodbye." 

"Say it right." 

"Ughh Goodbye I love you." 

"Goodbye I love you too." 

She likes to say it that way so that if one of us dies the last thing we say to each other is I love you. 

Drew opened the door when I knocked. 

"Hello sir." 

"Hey Max come on in. Whatcha got there?" 

"An apology cake for Bay. Do you think it'll be ok?"

"That's very sweet of you." 

"Where is she?" 

"In the art room right now. I'll set the cake up down here. Why don't you head up." 

"Ok thank you." 

I handed him the cake and went to the art room. 

She looked so serious while drawing. 

Ezra got her attention to warn her I was here. 

Hi Bay, how are you today?

No answer. 

Can I draw with you guys? 

Ok. She said. 

She actually responded. 

Thank you. 

I sat down next to Theo and he handed me a piece of paper and some pencils. 

I noticed she was drawing with pens. 

I looked at her art and it's amazing. 

An older woman walked through the door. 

Bay smiled so big and jumped out of her chair. 

They we signing, but it was happening too fast for me to catch on. 

"You must be Max. It's nice to meet you. Is that cake in the kitchen your making?" She turned to me, still hugging Bay and said. 

"Yeah, well my sister helped me." 

"Bay we should go check it out." 

She nodded and we all followed them to the kitchen. 

She looked at the cake which said. 

I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. 

She had a straight face, but then she smiled a little.

I have to ask my Dad something. Come on Damon. We'll be back for cake.  She said. 

Thank you Max.  She said before she left the room with a confused Damon. 

Enzo's POV: 

Bay came walking into my office with Damon.

And the dog of course. 

Can we dye hair again? I already asked Damon and he said he was ok helping. 

Hello to you too. Of course you can dye your hair again. Would you do the others again too?" 

Yep. Could I ask Max to join? 

I think that'd a great idea.

Can we tonight since everyone will be here? 

Yes, but we better go to the beauty supply now, so we get there before they close. 

Thank you Dad!

A/N- Ok what did you guys think? What color should they dye Max's hair? Also have any of you ever tried yogurt Melts? Ok I know they are technically baby food, but the sensory experience is delightful, as well as the taste. 

-Emmett :) 

Also new cover credit to @_navyblueee_ 

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