Chapter 42

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A/N- Ok so a lot of people want more content with Bay and Enzo, my only problem with that is I don't know how. if you have ideas please let me know. For now I hope you like my attempt of this in this chapter. 


Maria's POV: 

Does Dad not like spending time with me? Bay asked on our Facetime call. 

What would make you say that? I asked.

I feel like ever since the everyone else got here he's always in his office and doesn't want to be around me. Did I do something wrong? 

That dumb idiot of a son of mine. 

Oh Hunny you did nothing wrong. I know he misses you too. His job is hard work sometimes and I don't think he even realizes you feel this way. 

Enzo's POV: 

"Hey Mom what's up?" 

"You're really dumb, do you know that?" 

"Good morning to you too." 

"Bay thinks you don't want to spend any time with her cause you're always in that damned office of yours." 

"What? She just seemed so happy with the others I didn't want interrupt." 

"She needs a father figure that's actually there idiota." 

"I'll go talk to her." 

I walked into her art room where I knew she'd be. Probably with Ezra and Damon. 

And I was right. 

I waved to her to get her attention. 

Bay do you mind if I join your art? 

She got this big smile on her face. 

Not at all. 

"Find an excuse to leave." I told the boys. 

Bay since Enzo is here, we're gonna go get our training with the new guy over with so you're not bored with Xander later. 


I'm sorry I've been so busy lately. That's gonna change I promise. 

It's ok Dad. 

What are you making? 

I'm drawing a dinosaur. A triceratops to be exact. She said with a smile on her face. 

I love it. 

A/N- Ok I know it was like really really short, but I didn't know what else to write for it and I just wanted something out so I could get feedback on how you guys think their relationship can blossom. Thanks and let me know. 

-Luna :) 

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