Chapter 2

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Recap- His lips are moving. I still don't know what they're saying, but with the last of my strength I sign the word "Deaf" right before it all goes dark.

A/N- This is Lorenzo's POV the night after Bay was saved.

Lorenzo's POV:

My Brother and I are taking care of some of our work. We're in the Mafia. Well I'm the head of the Mafia.

My Brother Nick shot the man in that owed us money.

"God Damnit Nick you got his blood all over my suit!" I snapped at him.

"Sorry man he was being annoying. Plus you promised me Ice Cream after we dealt with him!"

"Your such a child."

My phone starts ringing it's an unknown number.

"Hello? who is this?"

"Hello my name is Mary, I'm with Child protective services. Are you Mr. Lorenzo Russo?"

"Yes, but why are you asking I don't have a kid?"

"Actually sir, you do. A fifteen year old girl named Bay."

"What?!? Fifteen?!"

"Yes. Her mother died about a week ago and her Step-Father has been arrested for child abuse. We were hoping you'd be willing to take custody of her."

"Child abuse? Did he abuse the girl? Is she ok?" My brother was looking at me weird. He's kinda dumb so I don't think he's pieced it together yet.

"Sadly yes. She's in the hospital now. She's in pretty bad shape. She hasn't woken up yet. The police were called when neighbors heard screaming. They found her last night."

"Which hospital is she in?"

"Children's hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota."

"I'll Be there in about three hours."

"Ok thank you Mr. Russo."

With that I hung up the phone.

"Uhh... you gonna explain what just happened?"

"We're going to Minnesota. I have a kid."

I turned and went to my car. I didn't want to see his reaction.

My parents are going to kill me.

"Uh no I'm gonna need a bit more of an explanation than that dude!"

"I'll explain in the car! She's hurt we need to go!"

I don't know where that came from. I haven't even met her and the fact that she's been hurt is making me panic. I never panic.

We got into the car and closed the doors.

"Bring me to the airport." I instructed my driver.

"Uhh you going straight to the kid?"

"Yes why?"

"Look at your suit dude."

"Shit! Go back to my place! Fast!"

"Ok now Spill."

"Ok Apparently I have a fifteen year old daughter named Bay."

"Mom's gonna kill you..."

"I know, but please don't tell her yet. I don't know what shape the kid is in. If it's bad then I don't wanna freak her out."

"Aww already getting all Papa Bear? Also you said she was hurt, do you have any idea how bad?"

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