Chapter 22

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Enzo's POV: 

Ezra had the idea to have an experience day once a week where we go try things Bay hasn't done before. 

Like today we're doing smoothies. 

I was so happy that she said what she wanted to do. 

She's making so much progress with not always being so afraid all the time. 

She had no idea what to order so Ezra was helping her. 

He's really gotten her out of her shell. 

She smiles so much more. 

The way her face lit up when she tasted the smoothie made my day. 

Can we go home now?

Is there anything else you wanted to do? Damon asked.

Just go home

Ok that's fine.

Ezra's POV: 

Bay started to let me stay in her room without Damon now, but she still hardly sleeps. 

She hasn't had a nightmare as bad as before, but she still gets them. 

She's gotten a lot better about touch lately. 

She playfully hit me yesterday.

She froze and panicked a little and kept apologizing over and over again, but I just laughed about it, and said it was ok. 

I'm in her room tonight and I can tell she's fighting going to sleep. 

Eventually she falls asleep. 

She looks so cute when she's sleeping. 

She's not scared. 

She just looks so peaceful. 

A/N- I've been thinking of adding another character and I've just been trying to figure out where to put him or where he'd fit in all of this. So watch out for that and let me know if you have any ideas :) -Luna 

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