Chapter 37

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Ezra's POV: 

Bay didn't sleep at all last night. 

She really wanted a shower, but we were told not to leave her side under any circumstances. 

I tried to clean off as much of the blood as I could, but there wasn't much I could do. 

Nick got here last night. 

Marco and Maria are getting here in a few hours. 

Bays been curled up in my arms all night. 

She wouldn't let me move. 

My arm has been asleep for 2 hours and I have to pee really bad. 

I tapped her shoulder to try and get her attention, but she just shook her head. 

"Dude I have to pee so fucking bad. Any way you could help out?" 

"I'm not coming in the way of the only thing keeping her calm." Damon said. 


"She still hasn't forgiven me yet, so no." He said. 

After another hour Maria walked in. 

She flashed the lights and it got Bay's attention. 

As soon as she saw Maria she started to cry again. 

I think out of relief. 

"Boy's out." 

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but we've been ordered to stay here with her at all times." Theo said. 

He's never met Maria. 

He'll regret that. 

"Theo let's go before we actually die." I told him walking out myself. 

"What are you guys doing away from Bay?" Xander asked looking pissed. 

"Maria told us to leave." 

"Carry on." 

"For real Xander? Even you're scared of her?" 

"Hey, I pick life." 

Maria's POV:

What do you need Sweet Girl?

I want the blood off of me.

They wouldn't let you get the blood off? I asked getting angry at the stupid men in this house. 

They said that they'd have to be in there and I said no. 

Go shower I'll be right now here. Just be quick. 

Thank you. 

"Where is she?" Enzo peeked in and asked. 

"She's in the shower. How dare you not let her shower? She was covered in blood." 

"She needs to be safe Mom." 

"Safe yes, but also comfortable. All of her needs must be met. With the type of trauma she's had you think having a Man watch her shower wouldn't be triggering or traumatizing in itself?" 

"I didn't think of it like that." 

"Then think better." 

"I just want her to be safe." 

"Then keep her safe not only physically, but mentally as well." 

"Yeah ok.." 

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