Chapter 38

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Ezra's POV: 

That damn dog has been growling at everyone, but Maria and Bay. 

The pocket treats are hardly working. 

Theo and Xander have been getting the brunt of it. 

But even Enzo has been finding it impossible to get anywhere near Bay. 

Enzo is attempting to do it again. 

Bad idea. 

He was about 5 feet away from Bay when Pebbles started barking. 

Bay just pet his head and he calmed down a bit. 

I want you to meet the family.

I thought I did..

Your larger family. 

I have more?

Some are not blood, but they are family. 

Maria's POV: 

I was upstairs with Bay and she was just staring forward. 

I was brushing her hair and then I braided it for her. 

I tapped her on the shoulder. 

What're you thinking about?

Why was there a pigs head in a box? 

I sighed. 

Your Dad has some people that really don't like him. He's done some bad things and they want to take it out on you. 

Is he a bad person? 

Do you think he is? 


Then for you he isn't. To other people maybe he is. 


Enzo's POV: 

I've been getting a few calls about what to bring for Bay. 

I love how my family is reacting so far. 

one person I'm not happy about coming is my aunt and uncle on my dad's side. 

They hate my Mom and want their son to be Don, but that's not happening. 

That man is cruel. 

And I've tortured people, but that man does not have mercy in his vocabulary. 

Everyone thinks that Bay is going to be the next head, but I don't want that life for her. 

She's too gentle. 

It'll be Nick or Nick's kids. 

It's not cause she's a girl cause my Mom practically ran the Mafia when my Dad's drinking got too much. 

I just don't want her to get caught up in everything. 

I've thought about leaving, but I'd lose all of my connections. 

Without my connections I'm a dead man. 

She'll meet the family when she's more ok than she is now. 

"We've found the man who put the box there." Xander and Drew came in to say. 

"Where is he?" 

"In the basement."

"Perfect." I said starting to smile. 

He'll be begging me to end his life within the hour. 

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