Chapter 14

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Ezra's POV: 

I saw Bay walk into a room. 

It had a doorbell on the outside. I rung it and walked in. 

She was drawing at a little table. 

I went and sat down across from her. 

Hey I said.


What're you drawing?


I could tell she was watching what I was saying. 

If you wanna sit in silence that's fine. It'll just be boring and creepy for us both.

Her leg was bouncing and her body language was closed off and scared. 

Other then the fact that she's scared all the time, she's pretty cute.

After an hour or so of her drawing, the dog started to claw her leg. 

She got up bringing the dog with her.

"Wait where you going?"  I grabbed her shoulder, which I now know if a huge mistake.

The look of fear in her eyes was evidence enough that I shouldn't have done that. 

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Hey it's ok I won't hurt you."

She ran past me and out the door. 

Nick was walking by and saw the exchange. 

"Damn messing up in the first two hours. A little word of advice, one don't touch her, like ever. Two the little things matter." He said walking away. 

I followed Bay to the kitchen where she was telling her Grandma what happened. 

The Grandma glared at me and calmed Bay down.

The dog was even mad at me. 

"I'd suggest you get your boss in here." 

"Uh yes Ma'am." 

"Xander don't be mad." 

"What did you do?" He sighed. 

"I grabbed her shoulder to get her attention and she freaked out." 

"Idiot." Damon said. 

"Were you asleep at the briefing about her?" Xander asked.

"Just come on the Grandma wants to talk to you."

"I don't want him near her the rest of the day. For the rest of the week when it's his shift someone will accompany him at all times am I clear?" She said.

"Yes Ma'am I'm terribly sorry Bay."

"Now go let out the dog."

"Drew your shift." He lightly shouted. 

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