Chapter 8

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Enzo's POV: 

All afternoon my Mom has been teaching me Sign Language.

When we finished I was headed up  to go say something to Bay, but then a thought came into my head. 

What if she needs something and none of us are around?

Everyone around her needs to be able to sign.

I stop mid walking up the stairs to call my head of security. 

"Hello sir?" He answered. 

"I want all of the security guards and staff on the premises to learn Sign Language. I want everyone proficient in two months." I said and hung up. 

I walked back downstairs and up to my Mom and Dad. 

"What safety measures to I need to take to make sure she's safe with being here?" 

"In general or with her being deaf?" My Dad asked.

"Both." I said.

"Well you should put lights on things like fire alarms, doorbells, and oven timers." My Mom said. 

"Probably her room too, so you ring a type of doorbell instead of knocking, then in her room a light flashes so she knows someone is coming in." My Dad added.

"You need to introduce her to everyone. She is the most powerful person in the Mafia you know." My Mom said. 

"How is she the most powerful?" I asked. 

"Idiota. Is there something you can think of that you wouldn't do for her?" Mom asked.


"Then she's the most powerful." 

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