Chapter 35

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A/N- There is gonna be a lot of dialog in this so bare with me. -Luna :)

Theo's POV: 

It's my shift and Bay and I are just sitting in her room while she's reading. 

I keep trying to say something, but I don't know how. 

You have 5 questions. Bay said. 


I can tell you have questions so you have 5. 

OK what topics are off limits?

That's a question, and I don't know yet. 

OK When did everything start? The abuse?

Question 2, That's off limits. 

OK how long have you been here? 

Question 3, About 6 months. 

Do you like it here? 

What do you mean? 

Do you like being with your Dad and other family? 

Question 4, They make me feel safe. 

When did you go deaf? 

Question 5, I don't know shortly after you left. 


That was all of your questions now I want to sit in peace for the rest of your shift. 

Come on, can't we talk? 


For two hours we sit in silence until Nick and Enzo come in. 

Hello my beautiful Niece, let's have a day of fun together. Nick said. 

What are we gonna do. She asked.

We are gonna get ice cream that your Father promised me a long time ago. 

Like 6 months ago. Enzo added.

And you still haven't gotten me any, but I'm gonna need help eating it all. 

Can Damon come? He has a major sweet tooth. She asked. 

Let's bring everyone. Nick suggested. 

Sure! She said. 

On the way to ice cream Ezra and Bay couldn't stop laughing. 

They were talking up a storm. 

Bay and I used to be like that. 

We wouldn't talk to anyone, but each other. 

I want that back. 

I don't understand why he could get it so quickly. 

"You should ask to dye your hair with us. Let her dye it too." Damon said with a smile. 

"What why?" I asked. 

"You want her to like you right?" 


"Then start doing the fun stuff and let her fuck up your hair." 

Hey Bay Theo here agreed to let you dye his hair whatever color you want. He told her.

"Wait Damon I didn't say that." 

"Too bad. She already looks excited." Nick said. 

You don't even care what color? Bay asked.

Everyone was looking at me to tell me I had to say that I didn't care. 

No you can pick.

She smiled. 

Ok I'll think. Dad can we pick up more hair dye?

Of course.

When we get to the ice cream place we all order and sit down. 

We were all laughing and having a good time. 

It was really great to see her like this again. 

I really want it to always be like this. 

I want to dye your hair blue. She said. 

Blue? OK. 

I can work with blue hair.

We got the hair dye and Damon is setting up in Bays bathroom. 

Ok everyone get a t-shirt out don't care about. Bay you can wear one of mine I don't want your Dad to kill me for ruining an expensive shirt, but change into shorts. Damon said.

Ezra and I left to go to our rooms. 

"Don't say or stare at her scars. Got it?" 

"She has more scars?" 

"Way more." 

Damon's POV: 

Bay didn't leave with the others to change. 

Bay what's up? I asked.

Damon, what if Theo says something about my scars? She asked.

Then your Dad will put his head on a stake. you've got people who have your back that will call him out for it. 

He told him not to say anything?

Of course. 

Oh OK, I'll go change.

WhenThey got back Theo stared for a second, but quickly snapped out of it. 

Now onto the hair dyeing process!

Ready for pink hair Bay?


I started with bleaching her hair and then while that was processing I taught her how to bleach Ezra's hair. 

Then we rinsed her hair and then applied the hair dye to all of our heads. 

Bay was having a blast putting the dye on all of our heads. 

Nick and Enzo came in and took a few photo's of us. 

Can you cut my hair too?

I don't know your Dad might want someone professional to do that. 

What if he says yes?

Then of course I'll do it. 

She ran off to ask her Dad. 

She skipped back in a moment later. 

He said yes!

So then we cut her hair too and I gotta say she looks adorable. 

I bet Ezra likes it too. 

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