Chapter 29

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Theo's POV: 

I think I landed this job. 

I mean I don't think I'd be getting introduced to the kid if I wasn't hired. 

We're rounding a corner where we can hear playful bickering. 

I see two boys signing and talking about their argument. 

They asked a small girl what her opinion was and she reluctantly gave it while drawing. 

When she looked at me I saw the face of a girl, I thought I'd never see.

She looked up, saw me, then she got up and left.

The two boys said sorry as they left with her. 

"Yeah that's probably going to happen for awhile." Enzo said. 

"Yeah, but we'll start you off on a shift with one of the others for awhile." 

"What was her name?"

"Bay." Enzo said. 

"I knew a Bay once."

"A little hint I learned was to keep treats on me, for her dog. Ezra actually told me that when he was not on good terms with Bay." Xander said. 

"Ok I can do that." I said chuckling a bit. 

About an hour later Ezra was on the shift with me and she sat as far away as possible from me.

"Hey so what do we usually do while on shifts?" I asked Ezra.

"Well one when talking we sign what we say if Bay is in the room, and it's really whatever Bay's feeling for that day. Once a week we have experience day."

"Oh my bad." 

Bay glanced up at us and then kept drawing. 

Bay I'm hungry let's go get lunch. Ezra said. 

She sat there thinking. 


How is he so comfortable with her?

What do you want to lunch Bay?


Tea is not lunch.


Ok. He sighed

Can I go to the art room? She asked. 

I'm making lunch and tea, but if you want Theo could go with you.

never mind. 

Not gonna lie that kinda hurt. 

He made tea and toast. 

He set down plates of toast for me, him and Bay. 

"Thank you."

Bay just sipped her tea. 

"Alright shift switch. I'm subbing in. Theo do you wanna stay?" Xander asked me. 

"Uh sure. Ok." 

"Bay want to play a round of chess?" 


About two games of chess go by and I'm trying not to fall asleep. 

Theo why don't you play Bay while I go to the bathroom?

She started to tap her floor, but didn't say anything. 

She set up the game and waited. I guess I'm making the first move. 

Her moves her effortlessly perfect. 

She was crushing me. 

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