Chapter 32

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Damon's POV: 

Bay, Ezra, and I are picking out hair dye and bleach to dye Bay's hair today, we're just getting ready to leave. 

Bay what kind of pink do you want? I asked. 

Like yours.

So really bright?

Is that ok?

Of course we'll be twins!

I said and pulled her into a giggly hug. 

"Hey guys what's up?" Theo came up and asked.

Her smile immediately dropped. 

"We're dying Bay's hair today." I told him.

"That's fun what color are your dying your hair Bay?"

I can't read your signing. 

She said and walked away. 

That was a lie. 

I taught her that for when she wanted to ignore people. 

I smiled a little. I never thought she'd be so sassy. 

"Man I was practicing all night.."He mumbled. 

"It's not your signing dude. It's you." Ezra said following Bay out the door. 

"Hey don't go spilling our girls secrets!" I yelled at Ezra following him. 

I turned around and said sorry before we left. 

I use this color and brand Bay. Do you want my exact color or something slightly different. I asked when we got to the store. 

Your color.

Ok then we just need bleach, toner, and hair caps. I have everything else at home.

She turned to Ezra with a big smile. 

What? He asked. 

Will you dye your hair? 

Absolutely not. 


I'm not gonna have pink hair. 

Please, it doesn't have to be pink. She said 

Then what?

Light purple blue. She said picking up a bottle of a blueish lavender. 

Dude you have to. I told him.

Then I want something in exchange. He said. 

What do you want? She asked.

Once once a week during my shift we do something I want to do. 


We were getting a lot of stares in the beauty store for signing, but one glare from Ezra made them all stop. 

I'm used to it you know. She said once we were in the car. 

Used to what? I asked. 

The stares. 

Can I ask you something? I asked.


Why do you hate Theo so much? 

He doesn't remember me. 

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