Chapter 1

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Bay's POV:

My Mom died last week. 

She stopped caring about me a long time ago, but I guess she was at least a little bit of a buffer for Ben, my step-Father. 

Things have gotten worse. Every few days he brings back a new "toy."

I don't know how much more I can take. I stopped going to normal school when I was six. I'm fifteen now. I'm almost done with highschool though. I guess that's what happens when you do online school and that's your only break from cleaning or getting a beating.

Ben should be back soon and honestly I'm terrified. 

He locked me in the basement two days ago. I haven't eaten or have had anything to drink. I'm used to going this long without food, but not water. 

I'm knocked out of my thoughts when I see the basement door open. 

He comes over and grabs me by my hair and brings me close to his face. I know he's moving his lips saying something, but it's too dark to make out what he's saying with me being deaf and all.

He throws me to the ground and goes to his wall of "toys"

He grabs the whip. 

He starts whipping my back and I lose count after 15 lashes. I'm screaming so hard it hurts. 

Eventually he stops, but he's not done. He goes and grabs the knife. it's still stained with my blood from last time. I'm too weak to back away. 

He starts to carve into my back. He flips me over and carves into my stomach. He wrote the "Whore" on me. I know this will scar me forever. 

He grabbed my arm and carved another word into me. a"Trash."

Suddenly officers are running into the basement I can't understand what they're saying.

Ben pulls me up and puts the bloody knife to my throat. I can tell they're yelling back and forth with each other. suddenly the knife cuts me from my chin and down my throat not enough to kill me, and Ben falls to the ground. I also start to fall to weak to hold myself up, but a police officer catches me before I hit the ground.

His lips are moving. I still don't know what they're saying, but with the last of my strength I sign the word "Deaf" right before it all goes dark.

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