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Thirteen Reasons Why (Ezria fanfic)

Thirteen Reasons Why (Ezria fanfic)

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Katrina Salvador ♔ By katrinaasalvador Completed

A is finished. No, A is not Mona nor Lucas. Not CeCe nor Alison. Not Toby nor Spencer. And no, it’s not Ezra either. It’s Jackie. Jackie demanded Ezra to pay other people so they could cover her up. Her intention? To hurt Aria and those around her. Her friends, her family, and literally everyone around her. Definitely a crime of passion. Maybe Jackie was just looking for love… from Ezra. At least she’s gone now. Permanently.  Spencer is stronger than ever before with Toby, Emily doesn’t get judged anymore when she told everyone about her sexual reference, Hanna and Caleb will be attending the same university together, and Aria and Ezra can finally be together.  But the world isn't a perfect place.  Ezra will now prove to Aria that there are thirteen reasons why they would love each other unconditionally until death do they part.

He already did something to your daughter 
                              *made her fall in love with him by being charming*
troyler_sophiexx troyler_sophiexx Jul 23, 2016
I'm guessing this was written before Ali came back? She seems to be missing...
_Creative_Thoughts _Creative_Thoughts Jul 13, 2016
Ezra wasn't A! He was just writing a book! Everybody said that he was A bit he wasn't!
ariafitz-happiness ariafitz-happiness Sep 17, 2016
Maby, Ali came back in the season 4 finale when ezra got shot
GalaxyHearts_ GalaxyHearts_ Mar 04, 2015
I thought it said "as we watch Jackie being escorted to hell" wow I really need to pay more attention❤️
betherz817 betherz817 Nov 25, 2014
@katrinaasalvador yea but in the episode the girls break open wooden box and Aria SEES them...