Silence is the worst thing (Emison) by Blakes100vamp
Silence is the worst thing (Emison)by 😝⚔️Elle⚔️😝
An Emison FanFic. No A. Emily is the new girl at Rosewood High in her final year. Emily hasn't spoken in months due to a past incident but she bumps into the one and onl...
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What Ever It Takes (Emison Story) by FightLuvRespect
What Ever It Takes (Emison Story)by Skyla
An insecure Alison DiLaurentis meets the sweet hot Army soldier Emily Fields on their plane ride home back to Rosewood. Both are immediately intrigued by each other and...
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  • emison
  • alisondilaurentis
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My Dad's Girlfriend by prettyliar0199
My Dad's Girlfriendby prettyliar0199
A year after Emily's mom passes away, her dad meets a new woman but she's a little younger than him. In fact, much younger. Alison, at 26 years old and Emily, at 17 year...
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Frenemies {Emison FanFic} by ReaderCrayCray
Frenemies {Emison FanFic}by 🤪
When Emily meets an old childhood friend, old sparks appear and maybe a new relationship or even more. But is Alison being all that truthful to Emily? Find out! #Emison...
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Empty eyes (on hold) by pllunmasked
Empty eyes (on hold)by GotAsecret
Emison AU ❣️ Little did they know that, those tears and that pain, was just the beginning of the storm. A storm that made each of them fall apart, a storm that made them...
  • emison
  • domesticviolence
  • broken
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Emison:Bae by Ghostbuzterz
Emison:Baeby Ghostbuzterz
Follow Emison On Their Journey No A/A.D Not my characters. They belong to the creators of pll and the author of the pll books.
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My Wife Is A Model by downtoearht
My Wife Is A Modelby upearht
her life got ruined after she left her wife for cheating on her but one day,a girl who made her smile actually made her fell in love with the girl and...
  • alisondilaurentis
  • emilyfields
  • hannaamarin
Devious Little Liar ↛ PLL by niailz
Devious Little Liar ↛ PLLby niailz
❝I spy with my little eye, a devious little liar. - A❞ An entire year had passed since the disapperance of Alison DiLaurentis, causing five bestfriends to go their seper...
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gif series, pretty little liars by -winchesters
gif series, pretty little liarsby ❝ stylinson ❞
In which I write short gif imagines about the pretty little liars characters. ▸ PRETTY LITTLE LIARS GIF SERIES
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Still Waters Run Deep by ForeverWithoutHim
Still Waters Run Deepby ForeverWithoutHim
There are moments in life that alter the very essence of a person's soul. For the DiLaurentis-Fields family, one moment changes everything. One moment tests Alison and E...
  • emison
  • pll
  • ptsd
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Matters of the Heart by ForeverWithoutHim
Matters of the Heartby ForeverWithoutHim
Emily Fields has no plans to return to her hometown of Rosewood, but that changes after she gets a letter from Alison DiLaurentis. Love is a strong enough incentive for...
  • wlw
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SECRETS. ↳ PLL ¹ ✓  by voidxbillie
SECRETS. ↳ PLL ¹ ✓ by — k ♕
"Got a secret, can you keep it?" [PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - SEASON 1] [cover by me] [OC/TOBY] #3 in #pllfanfic as of Oct. 27 2018 ( i do not own any story/plot l...
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Emison: Different by cryyourtearsaway
Emison: Differentby Katie🍒
Emily doesn't really enjoy life. It's the same, boring routine every day and she just wants something different. She's never really been open to people, except her best...
  • funny
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Pieces of Ali by Burky27
Pieces of Aliby Burky27
Ali has lived so long without being true to herself and one day the reality of it all comes crashing down on her when her father delivers heartbreaking news about her mo...
  • hannamarin
  • emilyfields
  • lesbian
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The Unexpected  by shaymesomelove
The Unexpected by shaymesomelove
Highest rankings: #1 - emilyfields #10 - prettylittleliars #10 - emisonfanfic #15 - emison An Emison story. The majority of the characters in this book are owned by Sara...
  • lgbtq
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The Dance Between Darkness and Light by Burky27
The Dance Between Darkness and Burky27
The Dance Between Darkness and Light is an exploration of identity, marriage, parenthood and love. Alison's life is the envy of many, a series of picture perfect events...
  • shaymitchell
  • lesbian
  • alisondilaurentis
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I'll find you by pllunmasked
I'll find youby GotAsecret
Highest rankings: #1- emison #1- pretty little liars Emison story Emily and Alison drifted apart from eachother but before leaving Emily made a promise to her love. W...
  • emison
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Reckless X (Emison) by drum__lover
Reckless X (Emison)by mattiz
Alison Dilaurentis works as a prostitute for a secret service business in a town called Rosewood. She spends every day and night in hotel rooms and houses, serving guys...
  • pllfanfic
  • lesbian
  • prostitute
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love me or leave me by hannaoliviamarin
love me or leave meby aime :)
hanna and emily have been best friends since forever, but when they start to feel a different kind of love, everything changes. spencer is the new girl and aria immediat...
  • mikemontgomery
  • hannamarin
  • sparia
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The Paper by LolaLove0
The Paperby D.C.
Sophomore Emily Fields Is the star swimmer at her school Harvard University. When Emily begins to fail her English class the coach threatens to kick her off of the team...
  • emison
  • alisondilaurentis
  • mature
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