THE B TEAM // Pretty Little Liars #WATTYS2014 #FANFICTION

THE B TEAM // Pretty Little Liars #WATTYS2014 #FANFICTION

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"I’ve had many things stolen from me. Money, keys, credit cards, even my own heart, but none of that mattered more than stealing lies. People relied on the truth, but telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time results in nothing but agony. Take it from me; you’re always better off with a pocket full of lies.

The day after I saw a kid getting slaughtered when a bus hijacked by teen hooligans drove through him, Alison had leaned in and whispered with a breathy laugh, “No plastic surgery could cover that.”

I had smiled."

The A team has never played it nice. From the messages to the Liars and the torturous events of Alison's death it has always been Live or Die. Kill or Be Killed. There is you, there is me and then there is Alice Fiend.

Only I wish it was that simple.

It takes half a heart to pull the trigger once and none to go all the way. It takes two seconds for hate, but one for murder.

So what happens when Alice Fiend decides to give A a spoon full of her own medicine? How well does Alice know the game? When you have it you have it and Alice always does. Unless, of course, her former lover seems to take interest in her every move. Gabriel Holbrook, you better stay away. There is a new bitch in town, here to ruin everyone in her way.

B is for Beautiful, B is for Boy, B Is For How She Ended Up As A Toy. 
B is for Bitter, B is for Believe Me, B Is For How She Begged and Plead. 
B is for Better, 
B is for Bitch, B is for how Alison ended up in a Ditch. 

B is for The B Team. 

Form the B Team, Alice. But can you win?



Disclaimer: Contains subtle course language, abuse references and a whole lot of attractive humans of the male gender.

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