'Ezra , Help me'

'Ezra , Help me'

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"Leave him Ezra , your gonna kill him"! He shouted looking at Aria and I ran towards her as she lay there. "Aria! Oh My God!" Lifting her head to my knees and her eyes fluttered open. 

"E-Ezra , y-you came..." She whispered between breaths but then her eyes immediately shut and her head turned limp towards me.

"ARIA ARIA , STAY AWAKE PLEASE"! Shouting , still shaking her head but she wasn't moving. Tears where streaming down my face holding her close to me with my sudden lost rhythm of a heartbeat.

"Call 911"! Caleb Shouted , rushing out of the basement. 

And at that moment I heard nothing but a gunshot , letting a last bit of breath...


Aria and Ezra broke up months ago before she left for college but finding out she's pregnant with his child was the last thing she needed and with Ezra moving on with his life with Nicole , staying in Rosewood was the only solution but with Jake tied to her neck and the constant abuse received from him , she can't so anything to stop him while protecting her daughter.

And with 1 year gone and Ezra back , will find out about his daughter and his first lovers torture?



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redforfilth redforfilth Oct 30, 2016
This is amazing but could you possibly put a trigger warning anywhere?
Ezria0nly Ezria0nly Feb 20, 2016
Can you message me when your done with the first chapters? I'd love to read it.♡♡
XOThisOneGirlOX XOThisOneGirlOX Feb 01, 2016
I read a book and I saw yor a ezria fan ig and I love your book perfection
Spoby259 Spoby259 Oct 21, 2015
I am not a big Ezria fan but this story had made me see them in a new light :)
SarahSchneider8 SarahSchneider8 Oct 11, 2015
Amazing start. I can tell this is going to be an intense story but I love Drama so I'm sure I will love it.