It Just Happened (A Spoby Story)

It Just Happened (A Spoby Story)

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Toby Cavanaugh and his daughter Lily have been alone for almost 3 years. What happens when Lily finally goes to school and Spencer is her teacher? What will happen when Toby falls in love with his daughters teacher?

But when he feels like he has a chance someone new comes to town. When one of his old friends and his love interest from high school come back, will love win? 

(All rights go to Pretty Little Liars)

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crap-bag crap-bag Aug 24, 2017
this whole time i thought this was toby's pov and i was like "um aria, hate to break it to u but toby's a dude" 😂😂
alivePills alivePills May 17, 2017
I hope this is just a side job for Spencer if not I'm disappointed
crap-bag crap-bag Aug 24, 2017
shepherd_fairy shepherd_fairy Jun 29, 2016
Good but if Lily's mom left three years ago and she was two that makes Lily five years old they don't have school at this point
Alesau13 Alesau13 Jun 07, 2016
toby for godness sake your first love secon name was hastings and now u dont remember? so shame on you and your cow
Alesau13 Alesau13 Jun 07, 2016
i just cant imagine spence lika a techer of kids it not.. her style but well its a fanfic after all