My only eternal love by glowingbabes
My only eternal loveby glowingbabes
Have you ever wondered what true love looks like? Hanna is falling deeply in love with Emily. And Emily is falling deeply in love with Hanna. I don't own Pretty Little L...
  • relationship
  • spencer
  • kiss
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[BOOK 1 | S2] How much hatred can you take from your sister, especially when her name is Alison DiLaurentis and her friends think that you are their insane stalker Welco...
  • emison
  • emilyfields
  • secrets
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Emison: Roommates by slaymitchell15
Emison: Roommatesby shannonm
Emison Fanfiction "And the final roommate rule... Try not to fall in love with me" Alison Di'Laurentis, the beautiful blonde queen bee, in her Freshman year of...
  • alison
  • fluff
  • intersex
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Matters of the Heart by ForeverWithoutHim
Matters of the Heartby ForeverWithoutHim
Emily Fields has no plans to return to her hometown of Rosewood, but that changes after she gets a letter from Alison DiLaurentis. Love is a strong enough incentive for...
  • ptsd
  • friendship
  • emison
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My Addiction by Cam211
My Addictionby Emisonlover
Emily Fields meets seductive stripper, Alison DiLaurentis in a sleazy strip club. Damning secrets and a web of lies threatens to tear their lives apart.
  • drama
  • angst
  • love
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What Ever It Takes (Emison Story) by FightLuvRespect
What Ever It Takes (Emison Story)by Skyla
An insecure Alison DiLaurentis meets the sweet hot Army soldier Emily Fields on their plane ride home back to Rosewood. Both are immediately intrigued by each other and...
  • emisonisendgame
  • hannamarin
  • emilyfields
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Still Waters Run Deep by ForeverWithoutHim
Still Waters Run Deepby ForeverWithoutHim
There are moments in life that alter the very essence of a person's soul. For the DiLaurentis-Fields family, one moment changes everything. One moment tests Alison and E...
  • pll
  • drama
  • og-kids
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Till The End by imbiithinkFI0178
Till The Endby imbiithinkFI0178
the story is about Emily Fields who is madly in love with her best friend Alison Dilaurentis but never had courage to tell her. They will face lots of difficulties but...
  • gip
  • lesbian
  • love
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Emison: The Pop Star And The Dancer  by Pretty_Little_Mixer
Emison: The Pop Star And The Pretty_Little_Mixer
Alison Drake is a huge pop star and is in the closet and in a secret relationship with her backup dancer Emily Fields who is also intersexed. But what happens when Ali a...
  • prettylittleliars
  • pll
  • spencerhastings
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I'll find you by pllunmasked
I'll find youby GotAsecret
Highest rankings: #1- emison #1- pretty little liars Emison story Emily and Alison drifted apart from eachother but before leaving Emily made a promise to her love. W...
  • life
  • pll
  • spoby
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Never Forget  by FightLuvRespect
Never Forget by Skyla
Emily is a nurse and lives in New York with her best friend Amy Harper. Emily just had a baby girl 4 months ago. She suffered great loss through out the years but she sa...
  • prettylittleliars
  • wattys2018
  • lesbian
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The Dance Between Darkness and Light by Burky27
The Dance Between Darkness and Burky27
The Dance Between Darkness and Light is an exploration of identity, marriage, parenthood and love. Alison's life is the envy of many, a series of picture perfect events...
  • alisondilaurentis
  • lesbianromance
  • sashapieterse
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⇒ My Lesbian Roommate ⇒ by itzprincessk
⇒ My Lesbian Roommate ⇒by itzprincessk
⇒Alison Dilaurentis was the college girl, that all the boys loved, she was the university head cheerleader, she was adored by all. She was popular and was always invited...
  • emison
  • girlxgirl
  • popular
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The New Liar  ❁  pretty little liars by iamalternative
The New Liar ❁ pretty little Iamalternative
I wanted to introduce myself but it looks like my Liars have already done that for me. Welcome to Rosewood Aviary, but remember- in Rosewood, bitches get buried -A
  • emison
  • haleb
  • prettylittleliars
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The Paper by LolaLove0
The Paperby D.C.
Sophomore Emily Fields Is the star swimmer at her school Harvard University. When Emily begins to fail her English class the coach threatens to kick her off of the team...
  • emilyfields
  • pll
  • hannamarin
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Emison: my favorite teacher by Emisonlives
Emison: my favorite teacherby Emisonlives
  • pll
  • emilyfields
  • teacher
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Power by Cam211
Powerby Emisonlover
Emily Fields, a twenty-four-year-old high school dropout, turned bank robber is put in a life-changing situation when sixteen-year-old Alison DiLaurentis suddenly enters...
  • love
  • girlpeen
  • hot
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Pretty Little Liars Imagines and Preferences by heyitsmadz11
Pretty Little Liars Imagines and Madz :)
Pretty Little Liars imagines! (Request open)
  • spencer
  • ezrafitz
  • spencerhastings
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Targeted (Spoby Fanfiction/AU) by Spoby_OBrien
Targeted (Spoby Fanfiction/AU)by Spoby O'Brien
When Spencer is directly targeted by -A, her life becomes a nightmare. She is scared of loosing everyone she loves but she needs one person. Toby Cavanaugh. There're bot...
  • spobyau
  • wattys2018
  • spencerhastings
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Time Is All We Need by EmisonPLL4
Time Is All We Needby EmisonPLL4
A blonde, who is chasing her career as a surgeon, has struggled to maintain a relationship. Everything, besides her immediate family and best friends, has been pushed as...
  • emisonfanfic
  • pllfanfiction
  • lgbt
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