Gang War (Fanfiction) (#WATTYS2016)

Gang War (Fanfiction) (#WATTYS2016)

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Ulricke Burmeister By RickyDinxie Completed


This is a FANFICTION if you do not want to read the fiction version is on my profile

Skye  Talbot was nothing near a normal girl. Her 'boyfriend' was part of the town's most dangerous and feared gang's. She didn't know how she got dragged into the lifestyle of drugs, sex and crazy fights, but she was starting to get used to it.
But it was soon to all change.  A mysterious group of five boys come to the school and turn it upside down. Turning them into the ones others should fear. When one of them takes an interest in her all hell breaks loose between the two gangs.
Who will she choose? Whose lives would be risked in the process?

ttina_ ttina_ Oct 31, 2016
I'm a new reader, I already love the story. The way it flows like poetry and to have you feel what she is. It keeps me interested!!
firebolt267 firebolt267 Nov 17, 2015
I can already tell I'm gonna get really attached to this character...
LykaHalton LykaHalton Nov 05, 2015
ms. author. i dont understand some of the parts . But i love this story. Much Exciting
angel_l_c angel_l_c Sep 21, 2015
Bruh if its 1D harry I will stop reading I was in love with the first chapter too
Nataliaaa25 Nataliaaa25 Aug 12, 2015
UGH NOT GONNA READ sounded like such a good book
ICanBarelySay ICanBarelySay Aug 12, 2015
NO one's direction does not have gang potential please no Ew