Stockholm Syndrome (Larry Stylinson)

Stockholm Syndrome (Larry Stylinson)

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Larry Stylinson <3 By British-1D-Irish Completed

My heart was beating and adrenaline was running through my body at a thousand miles per second.

My hand wrapped around the door knob, but then I was pulled back painfully by my arm. I was whipped around and was face to face with a pissed off Louis. "Where do you think you're going, love?" He asked, and I gulped at how dark his voice sounded. The sane part of me was absolutley terrified of it, and I didn't like it, but the part of me that thought Louis was incredible was so turned on by his dark side.

"Answer the question." He said as he squeezed my wrist tighter, and I winced a bit, but I didn't answer the question. "Were you trying to leave? Were you trying to run away from me?" He asked, and I felt his nails digging into my skin. I gave a small yelp of pain and then he was dragging me harshly by my arm down the hall again.

He passed the room that I was staying in before and opened another door that was three doors down. He pushed me inside, and I couldn't see a thing. The room was completely dark. I began to breath faster because I've never been a big fan of the dark. I hated it. I didn't like what I couldn't see.

I jumped as I felt a hand on my waist and my breath caught as I felt a surge of electricity run through me. I felt him pull me closer to him until my back was against his chest. His lips rubbed against my ear and he slowly whispered out "You can't leave, Harry. You're never gonna get away. I'm not gonna let you."

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i_am_band_trash_ i_am_band_trash_ Sep 04, 2017
ZAYN STAY WHERE YOU WERE !!! IN THE FREIND (or in this case enemy) ZONE
louissassybitch louissassybitch Dec 30, 2017
Best is to hide, lock the door and call police not face him/them
This is my second time reading this and I forgot how much I loved it
bye I'll be back im going to go watch Zouis smut 😅
                              In going to hell
Larry_demigod Larry_demigod Nov 02, 2017
I mean... it's not Larry... but I'll take any gay smut... so gimme
euniax euniax Sep 07, 2017
K so this is how i ship them all with: 
                              Liam & Zayn
                              Louis & Harry
                              Niall & Food ) 
                              Lol it's simple. 
                              Oh and food is food and:
                              F: fans
                              O: of 
                              O: one 
                              D: Direction
                              K bye