Maybe I Was Wrong (Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski)

Maybe I Was Wrong (Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski)

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Grace Arian is tough. At least, that's what she likes to think. After losing both of her parents when she was ten, her aunt has definitely made her stronger, both physically and mentally. But her aunt is not only a hilariously crazy woman, she is also a werewolf hunter. Her name is Kate Argent.

After moving to Beacon Hills with her uncle Chris and his wife Victoria, she gets closer to her cousin Allison, even though she has to hide the big secret from her. And she has no idea what awaits her in the town of Beacon Hills.

There, she learns that trusting people isn't always dangerous, that not all (were) wolves are big and bad and how easy it can be to fall in love.

Especially with a cute hyperactive dork.

(Based on Season 1 of Teen Wolf. I do not own the TV show Teen Wolf, and I do not own any of their characters. The only character I own is Grace Arian.)

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