Your Venom - Chapter Thirty Six.

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Chapter Thirty Six: I Want This Over.

 I'm carried through the house by the six men, all of them keeping a tight grip on me as we go down the main corridor towards the meeting room. Being back in the house is strange, the usually warm, friendly atmosphere replaced with one of terror and fear. I don't doubt there was some violence going on in this house while we've been away.

  I struggle against the grip of the men, wanting to go and find my friends so we can come with a plan to get the hell out of here.I wonder where they took Dustin and wonder if they'll take me to him, or find me a separate part of the building. I am the dangerous one after all.

  We stop outside the meeting room, where they carefully open the door and throw me through, slamming the door behind them. I pick myself up from the floor and race to the door, banging my fists on it and shouting at the top of my lungs.

"Lexie?" somebody murmurs and I turn around to see Seth's parents sitting at the table. They look rough. Their faces are bruised and puffy, their eyes have dark circles under them and they're both really thin. My mouth drops as I take in their new, broken appearance and I'm torn between anger and sympathy.

"What the hell happened?" I ask, looking at their faces.

"Don't worry about that, what are you doing here?!" May asks, her voice high with worry.

"We were coming back from being on the run to check up on you guys. We had news that may have helped us, but when we got here, we saw the men outside. They were recognised as people from Blaze so Dustin went up to the gates to ask entry and to find out what was going on. They kidnapped him and we had to run, but we were caught in a fight. The others escaped but I got caught" I tell her and she sighs, head in hands.

   Oscar puts his arm around her shoulders and looks at me, a disappointed expression on his face as he gives a sigh. "What's been happening here?" I ask.

"Blaze came a few days after you had left. They broke in and searched the house before turning to us and starting harsh interrogations. Nobody was killed but everyone was injured and shaken. Nobody knew what to do but we knew we had to keep your where abouts a secret. None of us said a word and things became worse, but again, no deaths. We were told news from a man called Layden. He was searching for you and was feeding information back to the Blaze clan" Oscar says and I nod.

"Layden. Yeah, we met" I mutter.

"Anyway, we were told snippets of the information. We heard about the kidnap of Seth but that was the last we heard" Oscar says, looking at me hopefully.

"He's fine" I tell them and they look at each other with relieved expressions. May wipes away tears and Oscar looks close to them as they realise their son is fine and safe. 

"What happened?" May asks, calming herself down and looking at me.

I tell her everything. I tell her about the argument (leaving out that Logan kissed me) and how Seth stormed out because of me. I tell her about the letter and how I lead the others towards the forest, offering myself in replace for Seth. I then tell them about the weeks I spent with Layden, mentioning the beatings, before telling them about how Seth and the others came to my rescue.

"The guys from Maver were Ok? They treated you well?" May asks and I nod.

"Yes. In fact, they were the reason I got out and the reason we were coming back" I say.

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