Your Venom - Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven: Mango!

Leaving Casey to dwell on her plan, I go home to get ready for work. As I get inside and go to my bedroom, I hear my parents talking quietly, a nice change from the screams and shouts. Changing into my black work blouse and black skirt, I pull my hair into a cute, high ponytail, applying a little more make up before I grab my purse and leave, tugging at the top, picking at the bright orange logo on it.

'Mango' is the coolest cafe' for teenagers in the whole town, everyone wanting to go there or work there, the pay amazing and the atmosphere even better. Walking to the bus stop, I think about my job, thinking about the generous tips and the large pay cheques, the friendly customers and the kid staff, making it the perfect working environment. The cafe' is large, in a curler shape with bright orange walls and plush, lush black sofas. There are black tables and chairs, the tables either a full circle or a semi. Most of the walls are made of glass, gazing out onto the beautiful shopping centre it is situated in the middle of, looking out onto the designer shops and make up stores.

Waiting for the bus, I sigh happily, glad to have gotten a job at 'Mango', happy of something to do that gets me out of the house. The bus arrives and I hop on, taking a seat at the back and plugging in my iPod and jamming along to Tinnie Tempah as he drowns out the noise on the bus. Gazing round the bus, I watch as Seth and Meadow Dreamer get on with Meadow's long term boyfriend Dustin, the lean, tall boy standing over her protectively, following her as they sit down near the back, but keeping their distance away from me.

I look at Dustin, curious of the boy I've seen only a handful of times. His brown skin displays a couple of pink scars, one on his neck and a few more on his arms. His green eyes are tired and haunted, his body built to stop any threat that may come his way, his jet black hair shot and spiked, like Seth's.

When the Dreamer's started at our school, everyone wondered about their relationship status, wanting to know if they could hit on them and get away with it. Luckily for the girls, Seth was free, but Meadow wasn't, dating Dustin, who goes to a private school in town. We saw him a few times as he met Meadow after school, his own one finishing earlier than ours so he could meet her and Seth on their way home. As he and Seth are the same age, they're really close, both of them planning to go to St. James College next year.

As I look, Seth turns round to look back, his expression curious as I snap from my thoughts and look down, slightly embarrassed to be caught staring at Dustin. As I look out the window, I get the feeling it's not just Seth looking at me. I get slightly irritated as I see both the Dreamer's and Dustin are looking at me, whispering to each other.

Frustrated I glare at them, making them turn around quickly. I continue to look out the window, wanting my stop to come sooner rather than later. When it does, I gather my things and practically run off the bus, rushing across the road to the huge shopping centre.

I get to work a little early, hanging up my bag and putting on a little orange apron that only covers my skirt. Grabbing a notepad and orange pen, I start serving customers, wearing my fake smile and laughing with them, writing down their orders and promising to be back soon, making drinks and handing them out, playfully shouting at the chef to hurry up as I wait behind the counter.

Marisa, my manager stands with me, flicking her red hair behind her when ever a cute man comes in, flirting with them as they gaze as her naturally pure beauty. "Hey Lexie, three kids just came in and are sitting at the back, mind seeing to them?" Marisa asks as a handsome man in a suit comes in. Nodding, I seize my pad and pen, swinging my hips as I walk, heading to one of the back booths, shocked to find the girls sitting there, looking at me expectantly as I walk over, smiling.

"Hello, welcome to Mango, how may I help you?" I ask, giggling as they smile.

"Could you wait here for a moment, the boys are coming soon and they'd like to order too" Mitzy says and my heart sinks as I realise Rex is coming. Masking it expertly, I pretend to write something down so I can stay with them. It's not long before somebody wraps their arms around my waist, their head resting on my shoulder as they squeeze me lightly. "Hey babe" Rex says in my ear and I smile, kissing his cheek quickly before Marisa sees. Rex sits and I take their orders, walking back to the counter and putting it in with the chef, fixing some drinks and taking them to their table. Finding excuses to see them, I end up spending most of my shift with them, all of them promising to wait until I'm done with my shift before leaving.

"Excuse me, can we have some service here?!" somebody calls impatiently from one of the tables behind me. Rolling my eyes at the gang, I saunter over to the table to find my nightmare customers waiting for me.

Seth, Meadow and Dustin are waiting, looking at me pleasantly. Shock rises and I realise I can't serve them, if I do I'm over! Going to the counter, I beg Marisa to table care of them, but she's having none of it, making me go back to the table.

Hello, welcome to Mango. I'm Lexie and I'll be your waitress for today. How may I help you?I scribble onto the pad and show it to them, Seth laughing as I hand over the pad to him and then take it back, writing their order on a separate page.

"Could we please have three mango smoothies and then three orders of the crab slad, please?" Meadow asks polietly and I nod, writing it all down and then going to the previous page.

Will that be all? I write and they nod, Seth smirking as I smile begrudgingly, walking away and giving their order to the chef. I make their drinks and groan as the blender finishes in almost double the time it usually takes, making me go back to the table to hand over their order.

As I give them their drinks, I slam them on the table, almost spilling them. I do the same with the salad, putting on fake irritation, as I slam the plates down, throwing half of Seth's salad on his lap. Smiling at my work, I leave them to enjoy their meal, getting pleased looks from the gang as I walk back to the counter, finishing my shift and hanging my apron up, grabbing my bag and walking out with my friends, all of them giggling as they look back to see Seth going to the toilets to get rid of the sauce on his jeans.

Feeling guilty, I shoot him an apologetic look before Rex wraps himself around me and demands my attention.

* * * * *

When I get home I feel really guilty, thinking about Seth's face when I dumped his food on him. I wasn't really angry with them, or even irritated, I just did it for show for Casey, knowing if I talked or even smiled nicely I'd be in deep trouble.

Sighing, I fling myself on my bed and groan, the image of Seth burning through my mind, every inch of me feeling terrible for embarrassing him.

I hate this stupid law . . .

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