Your Venom - Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen:First Day of Exiling.

The alarm clock blares and I sigh, knowing getting up in inevitable. Realising yesterday wasn't a dream, I groan and stretch before climbing out of bed and heading for the bathroom, having a quick wash and starting my make up, wanting to hide beneath it. Fixing my hair, I brush my teeth before walking back to my bedroom and slipping into my uniform, checking my reflection in the mirror before I walk downstairs and pick up my bag, making sure I have everything beforeI escape out the door, finding Seth and Meadow waiting at my gate. About to question how they know where I live, I remember Seth walking me home from work last night.

I lock my door before walking up to them, cautious. Seth gives a small smile as I walk over and I let him take my hand, feeling a little better from his touch. "Hey Lexie" Meadow says quietly and I smile.

"Hi, nice to meet you" I say and she returns my smile.

"You too, I've heard a lot about you" she says and I look at Seth quickly, wondering what he's been saying.

"Only good things, don't worry" he says and I smile. "We should get going"

As we walk, I grow with nerves and Seth locks into my mood, gripping my hand tightly before wrapping an arm around my waist. When the school comes into sight, I consider running home and hiding under my bed, but I tell myself to grow up and I keep walking. I see Casey smoking outside the school with Rex, and as soon as she sees me, she glares at me, especially when she sees Seth's arm around me. "I knew she was fucking cheating on me" I hear Rex say asI pass and guilt consumes me, something I never felt when I lied to him before.

Seth walks me to form, kissing my cheek quickly before I walk inside. I sit with Meadow, an awkward silence over us as we fight for something to say.

"So, how are you?" she asks to break the silence and I smile.

"Not the best, but I'll live" I say and she laughs quietly.

"Y'know, you don't need Casey, she's a horrible person. I tend to keep horrible people out of my life" she says.

"I suppose so"I murmur and she touches my arm before taking it away quickly, embarrassed as she tries to comfort me. "Thanks" I say and she smiles.

There is a little more silence but it isn't as awkward, a little strained but nothing major. Then Casey, Mitzy and Rose enter, the room becoming suddenly tense. My heart pounds nervously as I watch them heading for our table - theirtable. Rose and Mitzy smile slightly before catching themselves and looking at the floor as they follow Casey, bound to the group, bound to the rules.

Sighing, I drop my gaze, looking at the table as I play with a strand of my hair. Our form tutor comes in and takes the register, me sighing a reply, my gaze still on the table. The bell goes and I walk with Meadow to my lesson, glad to have at least one person to talk to. We chat as we enter Science, sitting at the front, her usual table, since mine isn't welcoming me anymore.

"Urgh biology" I moan as our teacher hands out text books and laptops, letting us get started on our coursework. Meadow smiles, nodding her head in agreement as she logs onto her laptop and starts researching while I remain sluggish and resistant to the work. I let my hearing branch out, listening to Casey as she bitches about me to Mitzy and Rose, both of them silent as she stabs me in the back.

"I'm sort of glad she broke the rule, she was so up herself anyway!" Casey concludes. "What do you guys think?"

"I guess so, whatever you say Casey" Mitzy sighs and I smile at her reply, evidently she doesn't have a problem with me.

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