Your Venom - Chapter Two

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Chapter Two: Dreamer's.

Ever since Seth and his sister Meadow came to this school, there has always been something ''off'' about them. That didn't stop Casey lusting over Seth though, she found him really attractive, as did every other girl who laid eyes on him. Casey flirted with him everyday, touching his broad shoulder as she laughed, winking at him from across the hall and, one one occasion, blowing him a kiss.

He didn't care, blew her off and didn't want to know and when she asked him out, he rejected her. That was something nobody had done at school. If you were luck enough to be asked out by Casey, you said 'yes' even if you liked her or not. It was unheared of to reject Casey. That's how the war started.

Nobody was permitted to talk to the Dreamer's and that rule turned into a law. They were exiled and anyone who even uttered a word to them was exiled aswell. What Casey said went, so nobody refused her law.

I look back to Seth and see Meadow staring as well, smiling friendly at me as she follows her brother's gaze. Seth is a year older than us, top of the school, while Meadow is in the same year. She stares at me for a while, before looking away, the same grey eyes as her brother looking away, the same grey eyes as her brother, looking worried and embarrassed. She has the same blonde hair, although hers is long and beautiful, more of a gold than a blonde. Her figure is small and thin, more like a model than a regular teenager. While she looks at me, I turn back to my table, getting out my lunch and picking at it. not bothering to eat.

"Hey babycakes, might wanna get some meat on those bones!" somebody jokes from behind me and I turn round to see Rex smirking down at me. Pulling a seat beside me, he puts his arm on the back of my chair, making himself comfortable. Casey glares at me quickly and I relax into my chair, smiling up at Rex as if I want more than just his arm on my chair. He returns the smile quickly before looking at my salad. "Like I said, eat!" Rex says and I smile, picking up my fork and placing some lettuce into my mouth in an 'anything for you' kind of way.

Finishing the salad for Rex (well, my reputation really), he talks to me about the football team. Blocking out most of the conversation, I smile and toss my hair, giggling and turning my body on my chair to face him, leaning towards him and resting my head on my elbow, which is propped up on the table, staring at him with a flirty look. Being a little more daring, I touch his knee and look at him sweetly when he stops talking, surprised by the move.

"C'mon, time to move" Casey says, packing her things and standing up. The rest of us follow, walking behind her out of the hall, swinging our hips in the 'Casey's Gang' way. While the other girls have their boyfriends arms around their shoulder, Rex stands next to me, idolising me as I walk almost next to Casey, showing how much higher up I am than Mitzy or Rose.

Strutting though the corridor, Rex talks to me a little more and I try to keep up with the conversation, although I really could't care less about ''Dave's amazing goal''. Casey gives me a smile, updating me with my progress report, and then turns back to look in front of her, probably glaring at a few people and eyeing up guys to find her next boyfriend. We walk through the school and end up on the field outside, relaxing in the sun as the boys go to start a football match.

"You and Rex are so cute!" Mitzy squeals when the guys are out of hearing.

"Hmm" I say, laughing slightly, trying to look embarrassed as I try to keep up appearances. Even round friends I have to pretend, knowing they'll let it slip I don't fancy Rex even a little bit.

"Sorry hun, it had to be said. When do you reckon he'll ask you out?" Mitzy asks, smiling sweetly.

"When? It's a matter of 'if'!" I reply and she rolls her eyes.

"It's obvious he's crazy about you, always has been!" she tells and Rose nods.

"I'm just worried I'm not pretty enough, or smart enough, or . . . anything enough for him!" I sigh and they laugh, rolling their eyes.

"You're beautiful, everyone in the school thinks so, so you'll have no worried about that! As from smartness, you're an A grade student!" Rose reminds me and I smile.

"I guess you're right. Thanks guys, that's really sweet!" I say and we have a group hug, Casey smiling at me, showing she's proud of my totally fake performance.

Laying back on the ground, careful of my really short skirt, I try and soak up the sun, trying to tan my horrible pale skin, something I've never really liked about myself, thinking I look more like a ghost than a human! Casey joins in with the tanning session while the other girls wander off to cheer on their boyfriends, Casey not really caring about how well or not Nick is doing.

"Good acting skills you've got there, keep it up!" Casey giggles and I join in, realising how much work I have to do on my fake laugh. Almost everything about my personality is fake. "Trust me Lexie, Rex will be all over you soon and you'll need those skills. Don't forget it's not just your rep at stake, it's out friendship!" Casey warns and I nod.

"I'd never do anything to danger that, Casey, you know that!" I reply, snorting at the thought of it.

"Good, just keep it up" she finishes and we lapse into silence, sighing contently as the hot sun warms our skin.

Fixing my top, I let my arms fall above my head, yawning as I start feeling tired, the skin making me want a nap. "Woo! Oh babe, you were sooooo good in that game, I was really impressed sweetie!" Mitzy squeals and I open my eyes, startled, seeing the guys coming back from their game.

"That was quick" I note, looking at Rex and smiling.

"We thrashed them and kept the game short, didn't wanna rub it in any more!" Rex replied and I laugh, smiling as he falls next to me, laying on his side to face me. Turning to his face him, I smile, averting my gaze from his eyes shyly as he strokes along my arm. Realising he is not alone, he stops and blushes furiously, sits up and looks at my sweetly. Returning the look, I stand, brushing myself down and looking down at Rex, an outrageously flirty look on face.

"Maybe we should go back inside" Rex says nervously, jumping up and brushing himself down. Casey leads the way, as usual, and Rex walks next to me, smiling happily as our hands brush occasionally. as our hands brush once more he takes my hand gently before dropping it, embarrassed. Smiling, I take it and he smiles too, gripping my hand quickly before noticing he is being watching, dropping it again while I try to look disappointed, sighing and slipping back in my strides. He reflects the same emotion, walking back with me and looking at me hopefully, but I pout and look the other way.

As we say goodbye to go to our different lessons, Rex leans over me, his mouth at my ear. "Meet me tomorrow, I want to talk to you about something" he says and I nod, hugging him quickly before he goes. Walking away with the girls, Casey bumps into me in a friendly way, smiling proudly, but I can't help but feel sorry for Rex and how I'm about to fake the schools newest romance.

* * * * *

The lesson ends quickly and it's off to the toilets with the girls, all of us topping up our make up, spraying hairspray and deodorant before we walk out, strutting again as we walk, drawing attention as we walk out of the school and out of the gates, meeting up with the guys, all them minus Rex who is at rugby practise. While the others raid their bags for their fags, I sigh and try not to inhale the smoke which the others are producing. As soon as Casey has done with her second we leave, walking to my house.

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