Your Venom - Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: Home Sweet Home?

As we walk, Casey goes into a lengthy discussion about Nick and their latest date, telling me all the horribly detailed secrets of their latest night out. "It was amazing, Lexie, honestly the best night of our whole relationship!" she tells me, twirling her finger through her hair. "Hmm, that's nice" I murmur, preoccupied with the thought of going home, something I never look forward to.

"It's too bad we'll break up soon, he really is a sweet guy" she sighs and I stop in my tracks, a little surprized by her confession. "What? Why are you breaking up?" I ask, trying to act like I don't care.

"He's just sooo clingy, it's kind of off putting . Plus, Danny from the basketball team has been texting I might go out with him this weekend and see how it goes" she tells me and I nod, trying to give the impression I think he's a good catch. "But enough about my, Rex seems pretty keen!"

"He asked to meet up tomorrow" I confess and she smiles.

"Good luck, but with your amazing acting skills I don't doubt you'll woo him!" she says and I sigh. "Hey, don't look so down, Rex is gorgeous, and if he were interested in me, I'd go after him!"

"I suppose so, I guess I just don't see him that way" I reply and she swings round to stand in front of me, staring into my eyes with a scowl.

"Look, you know the risks of saying no, do you really not want to be friends with me that much? Seriously Lexie, why throw this great opportunity away? Rex is a catch, he can make you grater than you already are, so many new doors opened. Don't ruin this! Not just for you, but for me, who has been your best friend ever since you started high school!" she warns, a slight growl to her voice. Sighing, I nod and she smiles, winking before she skips off in the other direction, waving goodbye before she turns the corner.

Another sigh and I continue my journey, not wanting to go home so badly it kind of hurts. As I round off to my house, I stare at it's simple beauty, the amazing, small house looking like something out of a fairytale. The white walls have red roses climbing up them, lots of wild flowers growing around the house and the lush green grass warm and inviting. Even though the house reminds me of something out of a fairytale, the story inside is far from that, it may even be considered a nightmare.

Walking down the garden path, careful of the beautiful wild flowers that stroke my legs, I get out my keys and walk up to the door, unlocking it and slamming it behind me, throwing the keys on the table beside the coat rack. As I pause, I hear nothing but silence, and feel a sigh of relief rising within me. Walking through to the living room, I flop on the sofa, not sure whether or not to be happy my parents are silent.

My parents may look like the everyday people, they may go to work and parties and smile, kissing each other and giving warm, loving looks to each other from across the room, but once everyone has gone and the party is over, the smiles are gone, the warm looks are replaced with evil ones and the full extent of their divorce is revealed.

They fight everyday, screams of hatred thrown across the room at each other, something no teenager should have to deal with. Sometimes I just wish it would end, my parents would finally divorce and maybe I could enjoy what's left of my high school days, have a peaceful environment to study and do all the normal things teenagers are meant to do.

Relaxing on the sofa, I make the most of the silence, pulling out a book and reading it, absorbing every word as I read, knowing it might be a while until my next treat of peace and quiet. As my eyes start to strain and my neck starts to ache, I put the book away and walk into the kitchen, finding something for dinner. As I come up short of choices, I stick with a simple chicken salad, leaving the chicken to defrost on the side while I slouch around the house.

At five o'clock on the dot, the phone rings and I smile, running to it and answering quickly. "Hey Lexie, how's it going?" he asks and my smile only gets bigger.

"Hey Dexter" I reply, listening to the deep, friendly voice of my older brother. Unlike me, he found an escape from the horror household that we shared. While he managed to get a flat in town with his girlfriend, Beth, I was left to suffer the divorce by myself, the only good part of my day being the phone calls from Dexter.

"So, how are you little sister?" he asks.

"Fine, yourself?" I reply.

"Good. How's home? The parents giving you a break? I can't hear them shouting" he notes.

"I got in and they were quiet. I haven't been to check on them, don't really want to see them if I'm honest" I sigh.

"That's kind of a bad thing for somebody so young to be saying" he replies.

"I know, but I can't help it. I'm so angry with them, I hate them!" I admit.

"They can't help that they don't love it each other anymore" he sighs.

"They don't have to argue. Iwish they'd leave each other" I confess and I hear him sigh again.

"I know, me too. I hatethat I can't live under their roof, my feelings were made clear when I left, I want nothing more to do with them" he tells me.

"Do you ever think you'll forgive and forget?" I ask, fearing the worst.

"When they finally leave each other" he admits and I groan.

Dexter and I talk a little bit longer, and I try and make dinner through the conversation, hungry but not wanting to hangup on him. Chopping my salad while the chicken cooks, I tellDexter about school, moaning about the teachers, classes and homework, making him laugh with my childish moans an groans. He tells me about work and the holiday he and Beth are planning, making meslightly jealous when he tells me they're going to Italy, somewhere I've always wanted to go.

"I'm sorry, Lexie, I have to go, but I'll call you tomorrow?"

"Sure. Talk to you then, Dex"

"Bye" he finishes and I sigh, returning the hone and continuing mydinner, not being creative with it, and serving it in the dinning room, where I eat alone, hearing the fant talking of my parents from upstairs, knowing it'll soon turn into screams and shouts.

Making the most of the last of my peace, I wolf down my dinner, washing up my plate and leaving it to dry, only just sitting down in the living roomas the first shout is heard. Sighing, I snuggle on the sofa, turning the TV up really loud and trying to cover the horrible scream of abuse that follows. Wincing, I turn the TV up even louder, killing my ear drums as I try to block the noise and the raw pain of my parents divorce.

* * * * *

Resting my head on my pillow, I cover my face with the duvet, trying to drown out my parents who are still arguing, although it sounds like it's dying down. Trying to unwind and relax, I curl into a ball and yawn, wanting to sleep. As something smashes, all my hopes of their latest argument being over shatters, the reality setting in that this might be an all nighter.

"Shut up! Shut up!" I groan under the covers, not loud enough for them to hear, they'll only ignore me anyway.

AS I hear more shouts, I dig out my phone and decide to text Casey, asking for advice for tomorrow, not saying anything about my parents. Nobody knows about them, what they're going through and what I endure at home. I've never told anybody, finding it hard to admit. My phone vibrates and I read Casey's advice, not finding it at all helpful but thanking her anyway, starting a texting conversation to keep my mind off my parents.

While Casey goes on and on about her date this weekend, asking for my advice on her hair to her clothes, I begin to worry about Rex and what will happen tomorrow. As I worry, I feel sleepy and, finishing the conversation with Casey, I put my phone away and snuggle down, yawning once more before I fall asleep.

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