Your Venom - Chapter Twenty One

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Chapter Twenty One: The Ceremony.

 As I wake, I hear two voices talking quietly a little bit away from me. My eyes flutter open, letting me see Seth and Logan talking in hushed voices by the door. Yawning, I stretch out and instantly regret it, my limbs aching so much I yelp in pain. "Lexie" Seth says as he shoots to my side in a second, helping me sit up as I feel too weak to do it by myself. "Morning" Seth says as he gets me settled.

"Morning" I reply. "Thank you" I add when he helps me into a more comfortable position.

"No problem" he replies, smiling beautifully.

"What's going on?" I ask as I glance over at Logan.

"I can't be with you today, it's part of the ceremony that I stay away" he says and I freeze, trying to put on a brave face.

"That's Ok" I say quietly, disappointed he won't be here.

"I won't be far" he smiles, seeing through me. He kisses my forehead and moves over to the door in a matter of seconds. He smiles again before whispering something to Logan and then going out of the door.

  There is a slightly awkward silence in which Logan moves into the chair next to my bed. "How are you feeling?" Logan asks and I shrug.

"Good. Good so far anyway" I say, smiling slightly.

"How are you feeling about tonight? Nervous?" he asks and I nod.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm worried about screaming from the bite. I guess my main worry is about meeting everyone in the clan" I say and he laughs.

"That's what your worried about?" he asks and I nod.

"I'm so weak at the moment. What if they don't think I'm up to becoming a vampire?" I ask and he smiles.

"Of course you're up to it. You're going to be the strongest vampire in the world, everybody is excited about it, getting to meet you" he tells me and I shrug.

"What if the prophecy is wrong? Poppy predicted the transformation wouldn't happen so soon and she was wrong about that, what if she's wrong about this too?"

"You worry too much"

* * * * *

  While I pretend to be asleep, I worry about everything surrounding the ceremony. I worry about meeting everybody, I worry about the bite . . . I worry about what I'm becoming. I have no choice in this, if I don't get bitten I'll become a vampire anyway.

  I think about vampire life. Am I ready to become a creature of the night? Ready to become the thing of nightmares? Ready to become a murderer? I shiver thinking about it, the amount of people I'm going to kill to feed my diet, feed my addiction. Will it change me? Will I become a vampire completely obsessed with getting my next feed? I'm going to be the strongest vampire . . . does that mean I'll have to drink the most, too?

  I think about the people I'll murder, the lives that were never fufilled. I think about the loss families will suffer; their child never returning home or their parents murdered carelessly.

 Am I ready to do that?

  I tell myself I have to be. This is happening whether I like it or not. I sigh, wishing I had a choice. I wonder what I could have possibly done so wrong to deserve this fate.

* * * * *

  "Hey Lexie" Red says as he walks in. Logan stands from the chair and I raise an eyebrow.

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