Your Venom - Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve: Decisions.

I bolt down the stairs and look for Seth, but he's gone, disappeared into thin air. Sighing, I walk back up the stairs, knowing I'll get into even more trouble if I just leave rehearsals. Kicking a box in frustration, I groan and sit on the table, kicking myself for bringing up Rex. Why did I have to open my mouth? Why did I have to feel guilty?

I put my head in my hands and sigh, wishing I had done that differently. Mr. Berts calls for me to close the curtains, wrapping up rehearsals early. I do them quickly before rushing down stairs and running through the corridor, hoping that Seth hasn't left yet. I run out of the school and see him walking slowly down the road. I run after him before stopping, knowing I can't talk to him in public, but wishing I could. As if sensing my presence, he turns around and I give an apologetic look. He shrugs and then smiles quickly, walking off and leaving me standing on the pavement.

Walking home, I regret bring up Rex, wishing I had left it to dwell on at home. What am I going to do? I ask myself, groaning at the thought of dumping Rex, everything in my 'perfect' life becoming difficult. Then again, can I end it with Seth? Even though we haven't been seeing each other for long, I can't stand the thought of not having him around, as a boyfriend or just a friend.

Reaching my house, I unlock the door and I hear my parents arguing, not helping my already irritated and emotional mood. I slam the door, seeing red from my parents shouts. I try and stop myself from going up there and shouting at them, flinging myself on the sofa and burying my head under a cushion. I groan and then growl, disappointed and angry, wishing I hadn't said anything or felt guilty. Why did I feel guilty? I don't love Rex, I'm having trouble even liking him at the moment, so why did I feel guilty about cheating on him?

"What am I going to do?!" I sigh, hitting the sofa angrily before feeling a pull of sadness, wanting to talk things through with Seth, but not knowing what I would even say. I want him around, but am I ready to risk my reputation, my popularity, my friendships, just to have him?

I groan, hearing how ridiculous it is, 'my popularity' over a person I like? How selfish of me! Seth was right, I hardly like Casey, she's a snobby, stuck up, bitchof a best friend who does nothing but make things difficult. The onlyreason I'm still around is because sometimesshe can be alright, but not what Iwould consider a friend.So,should I dump Rex and hope for the best? Should I make it public with Seth, hoping Casey accepts it?

I laugh at the last question, Casey would never accept it. Part of me worries about it, but the most of me says 'So what?!'.

* * * * *

Casey doesn't know about my plan yet, and she'll freak when I tell her, but my mind is made up, I've made my decision. As we approach the school, I see Rex standing outside the gate, fag in mouth, waiting for me. I feel a wave of guilt and pressure, but I ignore it, walking straight up to him and smiling slightly. He goes to kiss me but I shake my head. He raises an eyebrow but I smile, kissing his cheek quickly before he takes my hand and we walk inside. I see Seth as we walk through the corridors of school and I smile at him, a sharp nod and a quick wink before Rex pulls me along.

When we get to form, I refuse to let Rex kiss me, smiling sweetly before going into the classroom and sitting at the back, and waiting for the others to arrive. I'm applying more lip gloss when Casey slams her bag on the table.

"What got into you this morning?" she says as she sits next to me.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"Rex! You barely let him touch you, what the hell happened?!" she replies.
"Nothing. I just don't want him touching me more than necessary!" I tell her.
"But he's your boyfriend!" Mitzy pipes in.
"Not for long" I sigh and Casey gasps.
"You're not!" she growls.
"Yeah, I am Casey, I'm fed up of the lies and guilt. I don't want Rex, never have, it's only you demanding we stay together that's stopped me breaking up with him sooner!" I admit and her mouth drops.

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