Your Venom - Chapter Twenty Three

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Chapter Twenty Three: Vampirism.

 As the pain increases I wonder how it's even possible. Containing the screams, I breath quickly and deeply, not able to stop the agony. My eyes are closed and soon they are open, looking for Seth to bed for help. He watches a slight smile on his face, which angers me; how can he smile while I go through this?

"It's starting to end, honey" he tells me when I glare at him, confusion and anger a mix on my face. It's been three days since we went outside for the first time and the pain has only continued, lessening whenever Seth carries me into the garden, my attention focused on something else, helping me to ignore the pain. The garden makes me feel better, feel normal, as we sit under the tree, just talking.

Angry, pain filled tears pour down my face as my blood bubbles again, making me feel sick. Each time a bubble pops I scream, the smile falling from Seth's face as he realises how much pain I'm going through. "It's Ok, it's almost over, it's almost over" Seth soothes, staring into my eyes. My vision is blurred with tears so I can barely see him, the pain so bad I can't control my emotions.

   Biting hard on my bottom lip, I try to stop screaming, but it's impossible. My body is frozen still, so I have to lay and endure the pain. There is nothing I can do to stop it or even make it a little more bearable.

  Seth sits and watches, the same pained expression on his face that has remained ever since my transformation started. He touches my arm and my scream reminds him of the pain it causes me, his expression changing to one of pain and guilt.

  I hear the door bang open and feet rushing towards me, but I can't turn my head to see who it is or what they want. My vision becomes more blurred and I can't hear anything, my senses switching off one by one before I fall into unconsciousness.

* * * * *

  "She's been out for a while, reckon everything is Ok?"

"I don't know. Poppy warned us she would be different from the others. For example, she's entered the final stage before she should of"

"At least she can't feel the pain anymore"

"That's good. I thought she might be able to feel it, what with her missing her natural transformations, I thought it might hit her now"

"I'm glad it hasn't, she's been through so much pain already"

"I reckon it was more intense than anybody else's bite. I mean, I've never heard somebody scream that much during the transformation"

"Maybe she's a cry baby?"

"Shut up, Logan"

* * * * *

" . . . so then I said to him that everything was going fine, but I don't think he believed me"

"Axel is way too protective over her"

"Can you blame him? How many people have been threatened in this clan? How many killed? Loads. He's seen them all pass, he can't help but worry about everyone, even the new ones"

"Plus, Lexie has received so many threats even before this transformation, she's going to be hunted down, Axel can't help but worry about the danger she's in and the danger she's putting us in"

"She can't help it"

"It didn't mean it like that, Seth, and you know it"

"We're just as worried about her as you are, mate, try not to snap at us"

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