Your Venom - Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty: Planning.

  A week has passed since I arrived at my new home and nothing has settled. I feel horrible, every day I wake up in tears, eat hardly anything and end up sick from the little I have eaten. My weight is dangerously thin and there is nothing I can do to stop it, food makes me feel worse. Seth is constantly at my side, worrying all the time as I thin. It's mainly been me and Seth, both of us cooped up in my room as I feel worse and worse each day. I try to put on a brave face, trying to assure him I'm fine and feeling good, but I can't convince him, my words hollow and empty as I lie.

* * * * *

  Laying back in bed, I feel embarrassed. Seth wipes my brow of sweat before going to dispose of my sick bowl, coming back swiftly with a clean one. "What's the point? I'll be sick again in a minute!" I groan and he smiles briefly, his face full of concern, worry and panic as I pant slightly, limbs limp and sprawled across my bed. I feel the tears coming and feel angry, not wanting to cry, fed up of only doing that. Growling under my breath, I try and lift myself up, unable to do it without a little help from Seth.

  "I bet everyone thinks I'm pathetic" I grunt as I try and slide into a more comfy position.

"Nobody thinks that. We're all concerned about you, nobody thinks you're pathetic" he tells me.

"I think I am" I grumble.

"You're weak, not pathetic. It's part of the transformation" he sighs.

"You don't like this any more than I do, do you?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"I wish it wasn't happening, too" he replies.

"I want the bite soon" I tell him and he freezes for a moment, looking at me seriously.

  "I'm not sure when you can have that" he says, careful of his words.

"Can't we ask Red or somebody?"

"We'll have to ask Poppy, she's the only one who can tell us if it's safe"


"Your blood is changing at the moment and we're not sure what that will do to the venom, whether it will affect you in a good way or bad"

"So this could be dangerous for me?"

"Maybe. I don't know, we'll have to ask and clarify"


"I'll get Red or Logan to call Poppy"

  "Was somebody talking about me?" a voice says from the door and there stands Poppy, a huge smile on her face as I looked surprised. She walks gracefully into the room, her beautiful face studying me as I look down nervously.

"You look like hell, Lexie" she tells me and I sigh.

"I know" I reply. "Perhaps you could help me with that?"

"I might be able to, but it would involve going into your mind again" she says and I shiver. "Not looking forward to it?"

"If it helps me, I'll do it" I shrug and she smiles.

"Brave girl" she comments.

"Hardly" I murmur and she walks up to me, her hands either side of my face.

"Ready?" she asks.

"Yup" I say through gritted teeth, ready for the unpleasant feeling.

  I automatically want to throw up, feeling dizzy and pressured. I moan as she invades my mind, I can feel her presence digging around, taking her time, more time than last time. I wince as she touches my horrible memories that are locked away in the back of my mind, feeling slight pain as she easily unlocks them. "Get out of those!" I grunt as she travels deeper, invading my system, knowing every secret, everything about me. She stretches my mind, pulling at the side and expanding it. She finds what she needs and gets out of my head, the sides snapping back together painfully, like an elastic band. I gasp and can't help but flop back in my bed, banging my head on the wall behind me, causing even more pain.

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