Your Venom - Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven: Risks.

Leaning back in my chair, Rex puts his arm around my shoulders, kissing my cheek before going back to his conversation with Danny. I smile, moving closer to Rex, demanding his attention, which I get, making him look at me with loving looks, before I let him go. While he talks with Danny, I gaze around the hall and see Seth looking at me. I drop my gaze before looking at him again, the awkwardness in the air even from a distance.

Sighing, I smile quickly before turning away, Casey demanding to know what happened at work last night.Ilie through my teeth, telling her nothing happened and that everything went well on the ignoring Seth front. Casey looks happy, smirking at Seth from across the room before looking at Danny, receiving a quick kiss before he returns talking to Rex.

I can't help but move my gaze to Seth, blushing furiously as he winks quickly. "What are you blushing at?" Rose asks and I panic.

"Who do you think?" I reply, looking at Rex quickly, who kisses my lips gently, smiling.

"Bless" she says, looking around the hall and then focusing on her lunch.

I roll my eyes, hating the fact I've said more lies in this lunch than I have in a few days. I try not to look at Seth, knowing I won't be able to stop, knowing I'll blush if I look.

Eating my lunch, I talk with Casey, assuring her about work as she starts to worry,reminding me over and over about the ricks and consequences.

* * * * *

We sit at the back in English and we have a sub, the drama teacher, Mr. Berts. I don't bother paying attention, thinking about the kiss at work, smiling and blushing, pretending I'm thinking about Rex when the girls ask.

The kiss makes me blush deeper and I try and work out why it's affecting me so badly. Then I realise . . . I felt more in that kiss than I've ever felt with Rex. The way Seth kissed me hit me, made me realise what it's meant to be like. I felt a spark, the fireworks went off, all those things they say you're meant to feel. Rex has never done that to me, has never even come close to it, yet one kiss with Seth and I'm glowing.

Sighing, I realise how dangerous that kiss was, adding the rush of it, and I tell myself it can never happen again. I worry about why Seth did it, was it a joke? Did he actually want to kiss me? I remember what he said, that he wasn't sorry he did it, does that mean he wanted to? That he likes me more than a friend?

I try and ignore the worries and thoughts that zoom through my mind, rushing around and making me even more confused. Mr. Berts' voice comes through the thoughts and I stare blankly at him.

"What?" I snap rudely as he stares at me, arms crossed and angry expression on his face.

"Don't snap at me, young lady!" he growls and I smirk at his pathetic efforts.

"It's a simple question. What, sir?" I reply smugly, the adrenaline in my veins from remembering the kiss from yesterday, wasting my efforts to forget it.

"You have a stinking attitude! You have crossed the line with your backchat, detention Miss Moon" he snaps and my mouth drops.

"Sir, what the fuck did I do to deserve that?!" I shout and the second it's out of my mouth, I regret it, shocked by my own words.

"Fine, if you detest to this punishment so much, you will help out with the school play I am producing. Curtains, stage hand, costume's and props, I don't care, but you will do it!" he retorts and I shut up, not bothering to come up with a reply.

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