Your Venom - Chapter Thirty Eight

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Chapter Thirty Eight: The Second Ceremony.

 I wake feeling refreshed and determined, although the raw fear threatens to surface. I take a deep breath and get out of bed, wondering what to do now that I'm awake. How is this ceremony going to happen? I sit on the window sill and see it's a beautiful day, blue skies and bright sun. Perfect. I'm glad this is the type of day I'm going to die on, at least I can remember the better side of life.

  I stare out the window, so immersed in my thoughts that I don't realise that Tarquinn is standing in my room. He clears his throat and I jump, turning round to look at him with an evil glance. "Put the claws away, kitty cat" he tells me and I can't help the growl that escapes my lips.

"What do you want?" I snarl and he just laughs.

"Here. I want you to wear this today" he says, throwing something on the bed with a smirk. It's a white dress bag and I walk over to it curiously. I unzip the bag and pull out the dress, gasping and wondering where he got it from.

"Your ceremony dress" he confirms as I stare at him unbelieving.

"Where did you find this?" I bark, furious that he might have been snooping.

"In your wardrobe when we were fitting in my office" he replies, walking up behind me and breathing on my neck. "I thought it would be fitting for you to wear it. You started this life in it, why not end your life in it?" he says huskily and I shiver, wanting to be as far away from his as possible.

"Why are you so focused on my death? Hasn't it ever occurred to you that maybe we could live peacefully? That I don't want to dominate the world?" I ask and he snorts, looking down at me as I turn to face him. He doesn't move back and it makes me feel threatened as he leans over me, leering as I put my point across to him.

"I don't want you alive because you're a threat. One second, that's all it takes to change your mind. I can trust you, so why let a risk survive? Why let a risk become a problem?" he sneers. "You'll be collect by some of my guards in a few moments and the ceremony will begin. Put on the dress and get ready"

  He leaves the room, strolling out confidently, knowing he's won. With a sigh, I pick up the dress and change into it, remembering the last time I wore it. I felt so weak and drained, felt so scared of the future, unsure of where it would take me. But now it's different. I know where I'm heading now. I'm scared, of course I am, but I'm sure of this, where it's going to take me. I feel strong now, stronger than I've ever felt in my whole life, but that won't do me any good.

  I sigh, brushing through my hair once and sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting patiently for the guards to collect me. I'm full of curiosity, wanting to know what's going to go on and how long it'll be before my death approaches.

  I sit on the bed, full of worries and concerns, but I mask them masterfully as the guards come into the room. "We're here to take you to the ceremony" the first says and I smirk.

"Fine" I sigh, taking one last look out of the window.

  They each take an arm, wanting to make sure I don't try and escape, even though they know I won't. Their grip is tight and I wince a few times, trying to hide it from the two guards. They take me to the ball room where the stool from my bite is set up on the stage. The whole of the clan is present to watch. I'm dragged through the middle of the parting crowd, looking for my friends who are placed at the front, probably a sick joke from Tarquinn.

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