Your Venom - Chapter Thirty Two

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Chapter Thirty Two: Trading.

I lead the way, a map in my hand as I try and direct us to Bird Forest. I tell Red I'm just keeping track of where we're going and where we're heading, so he happily hands over the maps and follows me.

"Still catching the smell?" Red asks and I nod.

"It's getting stronger" I tell him and Meadow sighs with relief.

"We're getting closer to him?" she asks.

"With every step" I confirm.

* * * * *

We cover good ground and I predict that we should be just outside Bird Forest tomorrow afternoon. Perfect.

As we sleep in a barn, I can't help but worry. The longer we take the more pain Seth feels. I shiver, not wanting him to feel pain, I've caused him too much already . . .

* * * * *

"We should have a break" Red says as we walk up a steep, tiring hill.

"No, keep on walking" I persist.

"The scent will still be there in a moment. We need to rest and apply some more sun cream" Dustin says and I go to argue, but he stops me, raising a finger to make me quiet. I roll my eyes and sit down, irritated that we're losing precious time.

It might be me but everything seems to go in slow motion, everybody taking their time as they rub their arms with sun cream. I tap my foot impatiently, wanting them to hurry up, knowing Seth is in trouble with every second we waste.

"How far do you reckon we'll have to walk to find him? Does he smell quite close or far away?" Meadow asks, obviously worried about her brother.

"He's close. I reckon we might get to him tomorrow" I say and she smiles.

"I'm glad we're nearly there" Dustin says. "Seth has a lot of explaining and apologising to do but I'll be happy when we see him"

"He has nothing to explain or apologise for. He's pissed off and wants to be alone" Logan says. "I'd be the same, given the situation"

After a quick conversation, we set off again and I can't help but push everyone to their limits. They complain and moan, asking why I'm so eager, to which I reply that I'm worried about Seth and want to get to him as quick as possible.

I check the map and then look in the distance. Bird Forest. I smile, seeing it's close and I know all I have to do now is sneak away from the group. "I think we should find a place to camp. It's going to get dark soon" I say and they all agree. We find an old cottage and set up, kicking back and relaxing. I'm happier than ever, knowing I'm about to set Seth free from his hostage situation. All I have to do now is sneak away.

* * * * *

I take the first watch, knowing it'll be the perfect way to sneak out. I watch everyone sleep, planning to go once they're completely under. The sky is dark and the wind blows loudly, causing the cottage to shake around. The rain pours heavily and I wonder why the weather is so bad lately, it's meant to be summer for goodness sake!

I smile, wondering where this fascination of the weather came from. I should be worrying about whether I'll be able to sneak out successfully, not wondering whether this type of weather is normal!

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